It's Simple. Pass the Law, Stabilize the Markets

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by TopTrader8, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. The reason the markets are crashing is because congress and the president didn't meet the weekend deadline to get the bailout passed.

    Once this thing becomes law, markets will stabilize.
    But, until then, it's a free fall.

    Unfortunately, the populus does not know best in this situation.
    And if their congressmen listen to them because they are afraid
    of losing their seats then we are all doomed.

    Do the right thing congress! Pass the damn thing!
  2. Mecro


    Uhm NO!
  3. Seems the American people rose and and said NO!
  4. Exactly.....that's why we have a representative democracy, not a direct democracy. Our founding fathers knew quite well that a direct democracy will make the wrong decisions at times.

    The common man has no idea what we're facing if we don't get some leadership on this issue. When everyone sees their IRAs and 401Ks drop 30+%, will they still be applauding their congressman who voted against this bill?????
  5. Brandonf

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    What kind of dope are you smoking? Have you ever heard of something called the Economic Cycle?
  6. Allen3


    It is was going to drop 30% no matter what. I think the people knew that and didn't believe the boy who cried wolf after he robbed the hen house. Could the world end maybe, but more likely a contraction that has been put on hold for years and now will be bad. Throwing another 700+ billion at it wont change the future.

  7. TopBagHolder8 probably never heard of it and he's probably holding shit "long term" from the top, hence, he's for a "bailout".

    Most bagholders are for a bailout so there won't be too much pain for their "long term" crap.