It's Sat. Sept. 6th 2008 I want to buy your FNM and FRE shares!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by peilthetraveler, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. So its going to be tommorrow or monday that we hear about FNM FRE. If I offer to buy all of the shares from you bagholders for 15 cents per share. How many of you will sell me your shares right now?
  2. Why? You could probably pick up all of then for 15 cents come Monday morning. :)
  3. when you get done getting internet loooooser stuff with the guys who let you blow them,,,maybe youll have a better feeling:D

  4. Huh? LOL. I'm actually on the iPhone and was curious to see if any new Fannie/Freddie news is out. I have a micro long trade in FRE. I figure I just loss $500. LOL
  5. How nice of you to all hold out...Im sure by close today that though i will get a bunch of PMs saying "will you still buy my FNM shares for 15 cents." Only 55 cents left to go!