It's possible in the modern world. Even fun. Meet the man who lives without money.

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  1. I think this guy has done a great job of fooling himself. Obviously he is working harder than the average 9 to 5 guy, he just has less to show for his hard work. The only real advantage this guy has over the working stiff is that he has completely eliminated the "fear" That fear of losing your job, your house, your car or whatever else that men fear. But I suppose when you have nothing, you dont have to fear losing anything.

    This type of life is all peaches & cream until you have a real problem like the need of medical attention. What happens if this guy gets a toothache? He will have to pull his tooth out, thats what. When I was in southern mindanao this summer(the poorest part of the philippines) the amount of people missing teeth was extraordinary as when people there get a toothache there, they just pull it out. This guy thinks he has a problem getting a girlfriend now, try doing it with missing teeth.
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    Sounds like he bought every thing he needed first , before giving up money. Money and evil resources created his solar panel, and his laptop, so I don't see the point in this at all.
  3. Great, good for him, really. How did communes work out for the hippies? Most men and women are motivated by greed at some level as well as other things, reproduction, serving humanity, etc.

    Fast forward, alot of those hippies became yuppies with very materialistic wants and needs. Let's check back in a decade.

    Greed is why Marx was dead wrong. If we all get paid the same regardless of quality of work, what's the motivation to work hard? As my friends from West Germany whom financed the reunification said East Germans were lazy bums they grew up in system that did not reward hard work.

    I just hope he doesn't become the new Jim Jones. But hey there are plenty of tribal people left that don't use fiat money, they barter.
  4. Money was created for convenience and living without money is certainly possible, as this man has proven, but I think in the long it will be very difficult because there are just some things and services that he will need money for. Among them, medical services and repair and replacement of his electronic gadgets.

    But I commend this man for his effort, as I am sure that what he did wasn't easy. :)
  5. he lives in the UK. Universal healthcare.
  6. Dental care is covered by the state in UK if am not mistaken. He may be able to get a girlfriend who is into a similar lifestyle. He can also get a boyfriend if he can't get a girlfriend. lol
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    Yeah, he looks real happy in that picture. Did he lose his shirt in the woods? How about mosquitos. Does he smear bear crap all over himself to ward off the mosquitos?

    I've been camping in the woods. After a few days it's nice to get back to civilization. Money rocks!
  8. Perhaps, but if he pulled them all out.... could be his calling card to getting a boyfriend.
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    All he needs to do is have no teeth, and grow a beard...:D :D :D

    (Ewwww! Lol!)
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