It's Over

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  1. Obama is finished. His speech yesterday was the final nail in the coffin.

    The only voters he has are the wacko loonies clinging to their religion called liberalism.
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    I sure "hope" you're right cause I'm ready for some real "change".
    But given the huge numbers of sheeple stupid enough to believe anything and everything Dumbo says, I'm not convinced yet.
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    We've got a year and a half to go until the next election. The sheeple have a problem remembering anything older than a week! We have plenty of time to hear the liberals tell us how the Republicans are going to kill the children, the disadvantaged and the elderly. Biden has a whole repertoire of gaffs yet to make. There's plenty more laughs and gaffs ahead of us from the liberal class of idiots.
  4. There aren't enough. The midterms showed that the dems have lost every last independent. And independents are their only hope.

    Yesterday Obama dropped the gauntlet and lurched even further to the left with his rhetoric. Obama showed us all who he is yesterday, a vindictive little boy who's only talent is speeches. Shit, he even called out Ryan as a traitor after inviting him to sit in the front row.

    If the GOP doesn't get busy and start confronting Obama, ala Trump style, they also stand a great chance of seeing major changes.
  5. "Traditional Republicans" are better than the Liberal Left... but only to the extend that "Liberals should be shot first".

    If the Tea Party and its principles don't win the day in 2012... and win BIG (60 senate seats + presidency)... America is doomed. :( :(
  6. Here's what see:

    The democratic party as we know it today is over. They have nothing to stand on anymore, the gig is up and the free money is gone.

    The GOP RINO's will slide further left (as they get voted out of office) and become the new democratic party as the Tea Party folks move in.
  7. And this is not good news for Obambi:

    The regressiveness of the Progressives is coming home to roost.
    Posted by dhorowitz3
    Thursday, April 14th at 11:00AM EDT

    Obama is forcing our troops to fight a politically correct war in Afghanistan; however, he is prosecuting his class warfare with no holds barred. Obama and the Democrats are the Navy SEALS of class warfare. Fortunately, his target audience, the poor, are not impressed with his ferocity. Obama’s support among the poorest Americans has dropped to an all time low, according to the latest Gallup poll. This, from CNS News:

    Mr. Tax-the-Rich is now under 50% support among all income brackets, garnering roughly the same level of support among low-income Americans as from the rich guys whom he detests.

    While Republicans were never skilled at articulating how free markets offer the best jobs and cheapest products to the poor, Obama is the master. Even the most naive voter intuitively knows that Obama has impounded our natural resources and printed fake money. No matter how many welfare programs he tries to create, poor people will not take kindly to the pain they experience at the gas pump and in the supermarket. If Republicans would do a better job articulating the regressive effects of ethanol and farm subsidies and food commodities, Obama’s lowest approval rating would be among the poor.

    Here is the latest report from the Wisconsin Farm Bureau regarding inflation on some of the most basic needs in Wisconsin:

    -Apples increased 24 cents (18 percent) to $1.52 per pound.
    -A gallon of whole milk increased 50 cents (17 percent) to $3.41 per gallon.
    -One pound of bagged salad increased 33 cents (15 percent) to $2.48.
    -A five-pound bag of flour increased 25 cents (12 percent) to $2.34.
    -One pound of ground chuck climbed 32 cents (10 percent) to $3.41.

    It’s important to note that Wisconsin’s “Marketbasket” inflation is actually lower than the national average. Even the government can no longer manipulate the CPI numbers to ensconce any trace of inflation. Look who’s forcing poor people to eat cat food now?

    Memo to Barack Obama: As poor people suffer from the high cost of basic needs, they are not pinning the blame on Bush’s “tax cuts for the rich.” They are pinning the blame on the donkey.

    Now, if only the (non-ethanol promoting) Republicans would seize the moment….
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    Keynesianism failing is what will do the democrats in, along with others who never considered themselves democrat. No more money to hand out. Great society is in the process of leaving. The dollar chart looks ominous and has political and social ramifications. In the end it's "money that matters".
  9. Obama was finished the moment he went luke warm on Israel. The Jewish lobby will ensure that his main opponents are well-funded.

    At a time of their choosing, Israeli intelligence will release documents proving that Obama is a muzzie who wasn't born here.
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    Is there any doubt he help set in motion the opportunity for Iranian power to expand in the Middle East? The orthodox Christians with family over there seem to have no doubt what this this destablization may turn out to be.
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