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    Tsing Tao

    I like Newt. Yes, I know he's got some personal baggage based on past actions, but I think he's the smartest one out there and knows how to be a good President. He's also brave enough to change some big things that need to be changed, and smart enough to know how to convince folks that it needs to be done.

    That being said, I'd vote for a fucking sandwich before voting Obama. ABO.
  2. I must say Newt has impressed me a bit with his horse sense, as it were. However, I do not trust him. He is an establishment candidate and will bring no positive change.
  3. i was wrong about perry. i thought he had just the right combination of crazy and religion to appeal to the republican base.
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    If Newt would stop with the personal attacks on Obama he would have been President by now. The guy just can't help himself. I don't know why he lowers himself to that level. Personal weakness I guess.
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    Perry says he is going to skip some (all?) of the debates after Michigan. I think they all would like to skip the debates! Perry is just so inept that he can't debate. He wouldn't debate the Democrat in the governor race because he knew he is a bad debater. He can't think on his feet.

    Anyway, this is just going to reveal a major flaw with Perry. Obama would kick his ass in the Presidential debates. So, Perry is a nonstarter. He might as well get back to the business of running Texas.

    Gingrich would rip Obama a new one in the Presidential debates.
  6. Interesting that a lot of us like Newt-I'm the same and think Newt would likely make the best President of the Republicans running. However, he seems to shoot himself in the foot all too often.

    Looks like it will be Mittens vs. Cain as Perry fades.

    Anyone thinking Christie might be Mittens running mate?

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    I couldn't care less about Newt's skeletons, good leaders often have them. The problem with Newt is that he's a supply-sider.
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    Republicans do smaller govt with increased spending typically.. not sure how that works.. and they have that War on Drugs thingy where they can kick in your door, confiscate your property, traumatize your kids, shoot your dogs, etc.. and all that before you are proven guilty of anything... If the WOD was working wouldn't drugs be more expensive? Heroin's inflation-adjusted street price is way less than it was before the WOD. I'd say that, clearly, the WOD is a failure and should be phased out at a fast rate... Republicans want to police the world.. who cares if the rest of the world needs policing? Maybe they like anarchy, ever think of that all you warlike Republicans?

    Democrats do increased government with increased spending but they can never explain who pays for everything.. if we are all paying for each other and we need government to help with that, would it not be better if we all paid our own way? The Govt is just a costly middle man that we can do better without. That War on Poverty thingy has gone on longer than the War on Drugs and we have far, far more poverty now than before. I'd say that it's a socialistic experiment that has completely failed and it should be phased out at the most rapid pace possible...

    I probably won't vote, again.. Cain might be enough to get me out to vote. I'd prefer that the entire Public Sector get it's income from sales taxes, he's the only candidate with some sales tax in his platform.. if he would indicate that he wants to wind down the WOD and stop policing the world, I might register and vote.. maybe.. but I'd rather not risk jury duty actually...
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