It's out - The book that proves Obama's ineligible!

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  1. It's out! The book that proves Obama's ineligible

    WASHINGTON – Jerome Corsi's blockbuster making the case that Barack Obama is ineligible for the presidency hits bookstore shelves across the nation today – a day on which Corsi is turned loose to tell Americans what he has discovered about what he claims is a fraudulent birth certificate released in desperation to hush widespread public concern about Obama's constitutional qualifications for office.

    "Where's the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible To Be President" is also available signed by the author exclusively at the WND Superstore.

    "With the unprecedented success of this book several weeks ago, reaching No. 1 at Amazon, I fully expected Obama, in desperation, to release a fraudulent document – and that's exactly what he did," said Corsi. "I was warned by excellent sources it was coming. And it's not even a good forgery. I am prepared to tell all beginning today – not only about the birth certificate, but also to explain why even a birth on U.S. soil could not possibly qualify Obama for the presidency as a natural born citizen."

    Corsi says Obama has now boxed himself in with the release of the fraudulent birth certificate and will be forced to live with the results.

    "I'm going to be telling the entire world about this scandal over the next few weeks," said Corsi. "This is going to make Watergate look like a political sideshow by comparison."

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  2. LOL !!!!!!

    Good luck birthers !!!
  3. Lucrum


    You know even if this book is true, even if the BC Dumbo finally produced is a fake, even if a Kenyan Dumbo BC somehow turns up tomorrow.

    Right or wrong for better or for worse it's game over on this issue
  4. Dude, it was a joke:

    "UPDATE, 12:25 p.m., for those who didn't figure it out yet, and the many on Twitter for whom it took a while: We committed satire this morning to point out the problems with selling and marketing a book that has had its core premise and reason to exist gutted by the news cycle, several weeks in advance of publication. Are its author and publisher chastened? Well, no. They double down, and accuse the President of the United States of perpetrating a fraud on the world by having released a forged birth certificate. Not because this claim is in any way based on reality, but to hold their terribly gullible audience captive to their lies, and to sell books. This is despicable, and deserves only ridicule. That's why we committed satire in the matter of the Corsi book. Hell, even the president has a sense of humor about it all. Some more serious reporting from us on this whole "birther" phenomenon here, here, and here."

  5. Friend --
    Let me introduce you to Jerome Corsi.
    This week he released a new book that the publisher says will be a bestseller "of historic proportions."
    The title is "Where's the Birth Certificate?" -- yes, really.
    Corsi's work is a greatest-hits reel of delusions, ranging from 9/11 conspiracies to claiming that there is an infinite supply of oil in the Earth's core. In 2008, he published a book about Barack Obama claiming, among other things, that he (a) is a secret Muslim; (b) is secretly anti-military; (c) secretly dealt drugs; and (d) secretly supported terrorist actions when he was eight years old. So many secrets! called Corsi's work "a mishmash of unsupported conjecture, half-truths, logical fallacies and outright falsehoods."
    There's really no way to make this stuff completely go away. The only thing we can do is laugh at it -- and make sure as many other people as possible are in on the joke.
    So let's just do this -- get your Obama birth certificate mug here:
    Last year, the President said, "I can't spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead."
    This is about as close as we can get.
    If the facts can't make these ridiculous smears go away, we can at least have a little fun with it.
    And then we'll get back to the important work of supporting the President as he tackles real problems like high gas prices, the deficit, and unemployment.
    Julianna Smoot
    Deputy Campaign Manager
    Obama for America
    P.S. -- Mug not your thing? How about a T-shirt?
  6. barry's JOKE is AGAIN on YOU!!! :eek: :cool:
  7. you are reading wrong books.

    check out Stephen Hawking's new books with all the answers: "Obama and Universe"
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