It's Official: The Fed Screwed the Pooch

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    rising unemployment due to rampant commodity inflation
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    You can fool some people, some of the time. But you can't fool all the people, all the time.

    Laws of Economics are immutable.

    This inflation either gets validated through wage hikes or smashed through reduced discretionary spending and eventual recession.

    And we're already in a recession. But got a long way to go.

    Fiat money booms are the worst kind. They produce no productivity gains, whatsoever.

    Productivity aka technology is the driving force behind *lasting* economic booms.

    All Greenspan did is flood the economy with worthless paper and everyone thought they were rich. Maxed out home equity, put everything on credit. Its a NEW ERA, they thought!

    Its going to get much worse.
  3. Good posts, my sentiment exactly!

  4. but you can fool the ET Neocons all of the time.
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    Those Fascists need to come out of the closet.
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    I could handle your ass in a New York Minute.

    Every time someone recollects Jews in a bad light, there you are, ready to save the day.

    Considering I'm drunk off my ass, i'd rather not deal with your contemptuous bullshit and personal hangups on ANCIENT HISTORY.

    And no I don't hate you because you're Jewish. I couldn't give a fuck. Its the attitude, the haughty ignorance that makes you obnoxious.

    Greenspan. The poor old fucker that sold us all down the river with zero rates.

    The Laws of Economics ARE IMMUTABLE , dipshit.

    You want to go a few rounds to redeem your brethren's "honor"??

    Not worth your time. These people knew the affects of money supply 300 years ago. And now you're gonna pretend stupid.

    Stupid, Guy.

    No, I don't hate you. Give it up already. Playing the Jew-card is tiresome.

    What?? Am I "anti-Christian" because Rockerfella is a total douche bag fuck?

    No, I'm not.

    Learn to read between the lines.

    People that HIDE BEHIND Christianity - or Judaism - aren't always Christian. Or Jewish.

    Ponder that for a while.

    Talk later.
  7. :eek:
  8. achilles28


    Guy, I couldn't give a rats azz where you're from, who you are or what an internet 'Big Shot' (LOL!!) you claim to be.

    Your anti-semitic smears are famous around here. You're hyper-sensitive, and wear it on your sleeve. I know theres a lot of anti-semitic crap on the boards.

    But when you jump down my throat and flame me cause you don't like what I say about another Jew, Greenspan - who you just admitted dropped the ball - bitch, please. Back the fuck up.

    You need to calm down, take a few deep breathes and realize we're not all 'out to get you'.

    And your first response was a complete joke. You misunderstood - or misconstrued - every point I made. Considering you're one of brighter posters on the board, its obvious you wanted a fight. Thats why you started one.

    So don't play the innocent victim cause I just handed your ass on platter. Doesn't work with me.

    Anyway, I enjoy your commentary. Keep posting.
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    Let me guess. English is not your first language.

    In every response you missed the implied nuance of the written word. Colloquial, is another name for it.

    For example, "your anti-semitic smears." No, not you making anti-semitic smears against Jews. You smearing other people as anti-Semites because they talk shit about Israel, in a secular sense.

    You made several of those gaffs. Notably, in your first response. I have a hard time believing your entire attack was fueled by misconstrued notions, some of which were very straightforward that you later admitted as right. ie Greenspan.

    So I don't apologize for the hypersensitive or Jew-card remark. You obviously run around here half-cocked looking for red herrings as an excuse to throw stones. Something you can't or won't admit too.

    And since you were the first putz to start name calling, if you want to make it right, you can start by apologizing to me, ratboy and LT07 for the walking condom remark!

    Thats a start. :p
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