It's official, The FED is manipulating the markets.

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  1. via direct participation of the equity, forex, and comodity markets.

    FED keeps going on TV saying they want green shoots, higher market prices, AND wealth effect..well the it's paper wealth or paper wealth is created on wall street, it's like ponzi scheme. only real wealth is in main street via capital investment and hiring of workers.

    and investors don't want to trade or invest in rig market. volume is so light who would go long..or's call abandon market. or fake trading market.

    wealth effect is when there is real wealth wealth is created.

    what is happening is good money chasing bad money...i think an economist knows what that means.

    good money chasing bad money..bad economy's_law
  2. Grayson alluded to as much when grilling that Fed twat on C-SPAN. Do you have any proof? If so, why are you still alive?
  3. the FED won't admit in public..but why should they admit..they aren't audited.

    who wants to play in the horse track that is rigged. that is what wall street's like horse track.

    play lotteries or slot machine taht is rigged.

  4. Did you just all of a sudden have this revelation? Why did it take you so long to come to this conclusion? The other Fed bashers around here have been screaming about this for over a year now. You are so far behind you don't stand a chance.
  5. Isn't this like the 20th thread started by the OP about mkts being manipulated? What was that famous quote of Einstein's about stupidity?
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  7. First of all, you really should learn how to spell the word COMMODITY correctly if you wish to have an ounce of credibility.

    Second of all, you make the typical "rookie" mistake of assuming that the equity market has a high degree of correlation with the Economy.

    Perhaps if you keep saying "The Economy is BAD, The Economy is BAD" it might make you feel better . . . but it really has absolutely nothing to do with making money as a trader/investor.

    Feel free to take a look at the mistakes that an ECONOMIST like David Rosenberg (formerly at Merrill, now at Gluskin-Sheff) has made over the last 18 months with his overly bearish view of the market, based on his economic view.

    There is a good reason why Economists are not good Market Strategists of Forecasters.

    You obviously are unable to make this important distinction.
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    Seriously. We've seen these threads over and over and over again. It was annoying the first time. I don't even know the adjective to describe it any more
  9. market manipulation is illegal and i don't care it's the FEd manipulating the market...all far as know..the FED is looting the treasury and transfering money to Goldman Sachs and its' crime racket.

    as for manipulating it's always rigged game now it's so obvious.

    futures is zero sum game. the other guy on the otherside of the trade is the market has no volume...

    there is no volume.

    nasdaq and amex most rigged markets.

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    Don't worry. I'm sure the authorities coming for them. No need to start another thread about it
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