It's official: Recession since Dec. '07

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  1. "But Lakshman Achuthan, managing director of Economic Cycle Research Institute, said that at this point, the only solution for the recession is time.

    "All the hand waving and real cash that policymakers are throwing at the problem won't change the fact we're stuck in this nasty recession," he said. "The ultimate cure of a recession is letting it run its course."

    Achuthan's research firm tracks weekly leading economic indicators that are supposed to signal a change in direction for the economy four or five months ahead of time. Those indicators are continuing to fall at a record pace.

    Still, he said he's not worried about the current recession turning into a depression, as many Americans fear.

    "Even with indicators in a tailspin, this still is only a very severe recession," he said. "There's lots of gloom, but we don't see doom."

    yet, this same fuck-donut never saw if coming in the first place

    but he's right now
  2. "f*-donut" - never heard this one before! :D