Its official, Palin Rocks!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ChkitOut, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Great speech, Great choice for McCain!
  2. Home run. So friggin' cool.
  3. Bloodthirsty reptile shots galore.
  4. A very good speech by Palin. She met and exceeded the bar, IMO.

    She needed to energize the GOP base, and I'm sure she didn't hurt that cause one bit.

    The only things I found objectionable were her tone (as in voice, but that's just me) and that she was too negative at times.

    But hey, sometimes negative works.

    *Brocklanders is commenting that Palin had an affair with her husband's ex-business partner ACCORDING to the Enquirer (which broke the Edwards affair open). If that's true, this speech was moot.
  5. TT1


    Grand Slam speech by Palin tonight. She's gonna kick ass over Biden in the debates.

  6. Mercor


    The big help in her speeech is humor.
    McCain also has humor.

    Neither Obama or Biden use humor much.

    Humor makes it easier to go negitive

    May be the difference in this election
  7. Well, she carved up Obama like a holiday turkey. Hell, I might have been wrong about what I wrote that this was a dumb choice for V.P. She looks as good as any of the other candidates. This is gonna' get messy as the radical left gets more desperate.
  8. Excellent speech, Great!! I feel totally at ease now with the possibility of her becoming President at any moment.
  9. Hehe. Fair point.
  10. That must of been a really good speech for all you republican nuts to like it.
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