It's Official.... Palin has ROCKS!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by iceman1, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Yep you gotta have major "ROCKS" (or maybe a borderling sociopathic personality disorder) to accept a VP nomination when you JUST had a fricking baby four months or so ago and have your plate full with so many other issues NOT THE LEAST OF WHICH IS an investigation by a special prosecutor, and a pregnant unmarried under-age daughter! Talk about major ROCKS and ego.

    Let's go put ourself in line for the presidency under the circumstances Palin is in! That really ROCKS!

    She is young and could have easily waited 4 years and then maybe been a real force in her party. BUT NO she had to allow her ambition and greed overcome the correct and much more practical decision ! Hell I have had women tell me that they didn't even return to being a paralegal etc. after their baby for 6-7 months; and she has a husband who is working.......... so it's not like she has to keep pushing.

    I guess that is more of those "family-values" the republicans have a monopoly on!

    Yep, leave your baby with a nanny or husband and go become VP.

    Yep, sure sounds like something Gloria Steinham might do... not the head-honcho crusader for "family-values"..... !

    Yep, you geniuses in the republican right-wing party are right... that really "ROCKS"!!!!!!!!
  2. Have you read the words of past Vice Presidents about the demands of their job. In fact the job has been rejected by many over the years because it is so boring with NOTHING to do.

    I think Sarah is smart because this job will give her time home with her family and she gets a driver, a car, never needs to spend any money to go anywhere, and she get great HEALTH CARE including a privite doctor.

    To me it is a Mother's dream.

  3. Geezz... how can I argue with logic and intellect like that!
  4. I would like to see Obama and Biden repeat those exact words to end their debates with MacCain and Palin.