It's Official now! Welcome to Communist America, Comrade!

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    First free money for the banks, then free money for the Auto makers, now for the drug companies. Welcome to Communist America. Cant wait to get my first national check and food coupon! I wonder what job America will assign me? Economic advisor? Teacher? Construction worker? Septic tank cleaner? This should be fun!
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    Your job will depend on whom you know, how can you help or pay them, do you tow the party line.......your skills will have little to do with it. Stosh
  3. Do you know anything about Billy Tauzin?

    Watch this:

    So... if Walmart can negotiate lower prices because of bulk buying, why can't the US gov't thru Medicare? Is that capitalism or communism?

    These drug companies are thieves. The 80 Billion they are "pledging" are mere crumbs with the amount of money they made out with Billy Tauzin's influence. And by the way, how did Billy Tauzin get that job w/ the Pharma Association?

    Yes, we are a banana republic.
  4. My guess for you is septic tank cleaner, but only after long years of vigorous study.
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    For a moment there I thought you were describing politicians and federal employees.
  6. "Used to be?"
  7. If you want free market capitalism move to europe!:p
  8. Yeah, maybe i should've said "someone who thinks they are 97% monkey" Thats what evolutionists think right? that since we share 97% of our DNA with monkeys, we must be 97% monkey.

    Funny thing is, evolutionists wont look at the fact that we also share 50% of our DNA with Bananas...But i dont know...evolutionists are kind of bananas. :D
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