It's official: Multiculturalism to blame for Oslo slaughter

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Artful D0dger, Jul 24, 2011.

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  2. Nothing in the video was definitive I heard and read in the sub text that it might have rather than did contribute a motive for the attack. Using your rationale from previous posts on multiculturalism we could rationalize the persecution of the Jews in Europe and the Holocaust as an attack on multiculturalism.
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  4. So a racist anti muslim nut kills people and multiculturalism is to blame ? I think the hate spreading racist anti multiculturalism crowd is to blame
  5. muslims go on killing spree..blame moslems
    christians go on killing spree..muslims are to blame.

    damn those moslems just can't catch a break.

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    I believe Helge is taken out of context in this video. I would not describe the immigration debate in Norway as an "increasingly intense and heated" one. At least not more intense and heated as anywhere else in the west. Of course, if you are to only study the debate amongst anonymous crack pots on the internet, sure. This part of ET is a good example of such. Lots of users with thousands of posts, of which the majority are nothing more than coward bigotry and very few or none at all about actual trading.

    I have seen enough, where is the ignore button.
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    I was kind of hoping someone could mount an effective argument for Dodger (aka phenomena), pinning this slaughter on the irritant: multiculturalism. Had it worked, we could have given blame for the failed totalitarian projects of the 20th century to capitalism.
  8. The problem is that poor people will always flock to where the wealth is. Those who have a history of leeching a small share of the wealth feel threatened by this influx of leeches and they get angry. When you have a mentally unstable lunatic in that position he may... Bomb buildings.
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    He's not a Christian. He has no affiliation with a church or any connection to one. Every liberal paper is calling him a Christian because one cop was quoted with some offhand comment. Jesus doesn't condone terrorism, just Mohammed.
  10. If the guy wanted to attract attention to his beliefs, the media sure isn't doing a very good job of publicizing them.
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