IT'S OFFICIAL....LeBron goes to Miami

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  1. short MSG? what should I go long tomorrow?
  2. I'd go long "nobody here gives a fuck" and short peoples "opinon of you"

    The 2 symbols are FUK and OFF
  3. LOL
  4. LOL take it easy. you sound like some dude in cleveland now..
  5. Not at all...I'm more of a word cup kind of guy
  6. +1

  7. Much ado about nothing. Did I miss where he actually won something?

    All you ever hear him talk about is wanting to be a billion dollar athlete and a global brand. You never hear him talk about winning championships and wanting to be up there with Jordan, Kareem, Russell, Bird etc.

    The twat needs a one hour special to announce what he could have said in a press release. Way to rub it in to the city of Cleveland.

    He couldn't get it done in Cleveland and now has to go to a totally stacked team to try it again.

    Can't stand the Lakers or Kobe Bryant, but just became a big Kobe fan. Hope he beats LBJ's ass in the final should he get there for only the 2nd time in his career.
  8. I suppose I think about LeBron about as much as he thinks about me.
  9. Who cares. I give him credit him pimped himself well. He is now a bubble market IMO. Reminds me of ppl waiting in line at 1AM in Vegas on CNBC to buy a track home. How much air time did this guy dominate. It's a sad joke actually.
  10. Is this why the ES is popping AH's?

    Someone help my shorts are on fire :]
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