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  1. :D Well its official, No WMDs.. Now wait for the spin.
    You gotta love it. Anybody feeling a little bit lied to yet?

    Report: Iraq weapons search update late

    LONDON, Sept. 14 (UPI) -- A scheduled update on any Iraqi weapons of mass destruction is being delayed and the entire report may not be published, The Sunday Times of London reported.

    There was no immediate response from U.S. officials, but the report that originated with British officials said the Anglo-American team of 1,400 scientists, military and intelligence experts has very little to report.

    Their progress report on any biological, chemical and nuclear devices expected Monday will be delayed, the newspaper said, and the final report to be given the Central Intelligence Agency may not be made public.

    The subject of Iraq's weapons capability has become very sensitive in London and Washington as critics have charged Prime Minister Tony Blair and President Bush exaggerated the capabilities to help justify the war.

    The investigation in Iraq is headed by David Kay, a long-time arms inspector.
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    One thing I dislike about trading is that I monitor the news all day and I will tell you it makes me wonder about the future of the human race. Everyone just lies to get what they want. Murder is the cost of doing business. Makes me sick. Makes me paranoid and anxious all the time.

    I am very disappointed about the outcome of this Iraq war. It seems we have not done much except spend billions of dollars and get the whole world mad at us. Nothing has changed over there for the better. What a mess.

    Everytime I put on a trade I wonder what news will come out and cause me to lose money from a spike. Makes working very stressful.:(
  3. Nothing has changed for the better???

    We are uncovering the mass graves of Saddams political enemies.

    Hundreds of new bodies aren't being added to these graves every month.

    The children's prisons have been emptied and closed.

    I guess these minor little details don't count as a "change for the better"?

    Tyranny thrives when good men fail to act. The fact that you claim to "monitor the news all day" and really believe that "nothing has changed for the better" makes ME wonder about the future of the human race.

    You need to reconsider your news sources. Spend a couple hours in the archives at You'll come back with an education the "network news" doesn't want you to have.

    Here's a particularly good place to start:
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    You are right ColdLogic....I only monitor CNBC, CNN, Reuters, NY Times, The Weather Channel and the local papers. It is pretty mainstream stuff.
    I am just very down in the dumps today. Hurricanes do that to me.:(

    What I see on the TV is that Saddam is not the only scumbag with a closet full of bodies. And no other nation wants to help us liberate those people. That is frightening to say the least.:(
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    Not really. Though if you're very young, you might think so.
  6. I'm sure we had no problem finding those.
  7. The government will almost certainly spring some kind of surprise in the run up to the election. You can bank on the fact that they will produce at least two or three types of evidence to "prove" the existence of WMD:

    1. Testimony from an Iraqi official or scientist- This will be of course paid for, and the scientist will not undergo international questioning or true scutiny. Probably will sign some kind of verification than disappear immediately from the world's view.

    2. Documentation- Some kind of documentation will be produced. Almost certainly the Iraqis will have neglected to destroy something, somewhere, on time, and will have had to have produced some kind of order to destroy it at a later date. This kind of thing will be produced to "prove" the existence of WMD after 1992.

    3. Vague hardware/probable traces- Certainly the government will be able to find some kind of junked warhead, or even a couple more "WMD Winnebagos", that they will be able to claim "proves" that Iraq had WMD's.

    None of these things will be open to international inspection.

    Amazing how people even now believe in WMD's in Iraq even though they have no evidence for their existence. Think how thrilled they will be to at least have some fake evidence.
  8. Just came across a great article that sums up the situation pretty well.

    To me, few things are sadder than the torture of children and babies. Using our military to end such things makes me happy and proud to be an American. To my mind, NO other justification is needed.

    Here's the link:

  9. ahahaha:D :D

    mass graves? children? Care to substantiate that bs? from your url: (Captain's log): [Update 20030726: An updated version of the strategic overview

    what is this startreck the next generation? :cool: :cool:
    btw the Voyager series was cool. MSNBC URL above only some opinion of a no name wannabe? I want to hear it from GW and Confirmed by Chaney and Powell. THEEEEEEN and only then we all must believe it is the truth and nothing but the truth :D :D

    get real bro :D :D
  10. you forgot the "rape rooms" (tm). no discussion of saddam is complete without mentioning the "rape rooms" (tm).
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