its obviously going to be a red day today in the qqqq`s

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  1. yahoo`s ah pop, was just shorts covering expecting it to be even worse, already got a downgrade today, that sells off, what a dog, fire semel that thing hits 30 in a week. i like playing yahoo chess, best free site for ease of playing quick, fun games----but can`t monetize their web presence.
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  2. GO TEAM NQ!!!!!!!!!

    Nice squeeze... $$$
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  3. why everyone doesn't understand this is beyond me....

    simple really when you think about it
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  4. As Trader Victor Sperandeo once said . . .

    "Observe what is happening, and assume that it will continue."

    Yet, there appears a ton of people that frequent this website that are unable to follow this simple, yet most effective axiom.
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  5. Those people think shorting has a certain "coolness" factor to it. Must feel great bragging about 2 ES points scalped in a short trade.

    I'm just looking for guaranteed, easy $$$ so I'm sticking with dip buying and overnight future longs.
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  6. duard



    You're buckin' for the dumbass of the bullmarket of 2006 award.

    No offense but really change your name and move on. Remember in trading cut your losses short.
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  7. This is the channel I've been monitoring.
    Trend still looks up to me. The recent pivot point seems like a good buy on the dip, until it breaks support.

    I've seen some articles about markets kept low this week for large treasury debt auctions. Could skyrocket off that pivot, once these auctions are done IMHO.
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  8. NQ just chugging along to the upside on panic-like short covering. Sweet. Ez $$$. Gotta love overnight long futures on margin.

    Gonna kick back now and watch a couple DVDs, no need to watch the screens the only way is up.
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  9. I'm starting the "BlueStreek Contrarian" hedge fund.

    Just can't let the most accurate reverse market predictor ET has ever seen go to waste. Hell, even thorn isn't this wrong.

    Blue is damn near 90% wrong, consistently. F*cking amazing!

    I doubt there has ever been anybody this wrong in history.


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  10. What's obvious is you don't have much of a clue as to what the market is going to do, not that many do, but you are on a run of bad calls that is extraordinary.
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