It's Obama HOT!

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  1. Seeing as many in the media have been describing the heat wave here in the midwest as 'oppressive', I've decided it most appropriate to coin this term, 'Obama hot'!

    Please, lets help Obama by spreading this term. He loves the attention and needs the polling help.
  2. Ricter


    Others in the media have been describing the heat wave as record setting.

    Let's call it, "it can't really be happening hot".
  3. So we can add this to obama's long list of failures? He did promise that his election would cause global temperatures to drop and the oceans to recede.
  4. Ricter


    Bugs, what do you think, is AAA off base here with his assumption that temperatures are rising?
  5. He didn't say temps were rising.

    BTW- in my area (Twin Cities) the record high temps are:

    114 degrees both set in July.

    July 29th, 1917 and July 6th, 1936.

    And let's throw in our warmest winter months records:

    84 degress, Nov 1, 1950
    74 degress, Dec 9,1939
    69 degress, Jan 24, 1981
    73 degress, Feb 26, 1896
    88 degress, Mar 23, 1910

    Feel free to explain the problem with the dates.
  6. BSAM


    Hey, Buggie...What are you going to do if Obama wins the next election?
  7. Ricter


    It's implicit, ie. Obama has failed because temps are not falling.

    Anyway, are you also pleased about all the resources being exposed in the North, thanks to the ice melting?
  8. BSAM


    Buggie, for the record, do you believe in global warming?

    A. Yes

    B. No
  9. Are you at the bar drinking right now?
  10. Which kind?
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