Its not their Fault they married a blonde

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    I find this article pretty amusing talking about men's intelligence dropping off when in the presense of a blonde, even a picture. I can see it now sweeping trading floors across the globe, banning blonde hair on the trading desks.
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  3. Precisely my point. May the blondes be banned from the board room and trading room.
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    Pay no attention to those nasty men girls - come over here for plenty of XXXXXXXXXX and lots of YYYYYYYYY
    love ya all
  5. Maybe E. Stanley O’Neal and Charles Prince are sloppy and careless. I suspect they installed lots of subordinate executives that are sloppy and careless also. Citigroup and Merrill Lynch might need a good housecleaning.
  6. blondes are evil, unfaithful creatures :mad:
  7. Actually my man Stan was arrogant to the extreme, firing advisors who advised him the bank was overextended in "junk"sub-prime mortagages WAY before the shit hit the fan and this debacle came about.

    The damage was soo bad they couldn't wait to get rid of him ... so much for the experiment.

  8. I think there may be some truth to this hypothesis.

    Didn't Arthur Miller write his worst play while he was married to Marilyn Monroe?:confused:
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