Its not safe to be American

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    Now the government has seen what can happen. You can bet they will protect Wall St. to the last man. They have fired upon us before over tax protesters. Now they will be put against you.
    When you are not armed in america you are a subject not a citizen.
    This is the biggest shift of wealth in history. If voting makes you feel better then do it but, Changing the players wont change the game. Even the Brits know somethings bad.

    From the BBC News Wire-
    The first major casualty of the credit crunch in Britain was the Northern Rock bank, and there has been plenty of criticism of Chancellor Alastair Darling and Prime Minister Gordon Brown over the handling of its crisis and nationalisation.

    The government in the UK, as in the US, has argued that this is a global crisis which cannot be put at the door of a handful of politicians.

    But there are some who believe it can indeed, if only for the failure to speak out against certain excesses while the going was good.

    "Politicians bear some responsibility in Britain," says Brummer. "We allowed a culture of credit creation. At the end of last year the amount of credit in the economy was roughly the size of national output - the highest it's ever been."

    I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.-Thomas Jefferson