It's not "practice, practice, practice" but deliberate practice

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  3. We can't even nuture "inner strength" in todays youth because of the constant message "at least you tried". Which could mean 5 minutes of effort, and everyone is satisfied with that.

    Don't want to damage self esteem.

    The level of expectations is Z-E-R-O.
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    Even elite athletes practice their game to hone their skills, they don't just show up "gameday".

    Each and every day I put the day in REPLAY. and again. and again. Practice entries and exits.
  5. I am 5 ft 1 and practice dunking a basketball every luck

    I am 87 lbs and I want to be linebacker in the NFL...

    I weigh 460 lbs and want to win gold in the marathon...

    even with "perfect practice" have to have skills.

    some are emotional skills that can't be taught. we think we can teach people how to trade because it's simply a "mind" exercise.
    I'm not so sure I believe that.

    some people will never be doctors, despite the fact that they look at books all day.

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    a lot easier to get that dr in front your name than it is to trade successfully.
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    sierrachart let me replay each day, literally, going back months even years. i go back as far as i want, stick in on replay and that day unfolds just like in realtime. greaat practice!
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    Good post! got to be practical.
  9. IMO, personality, such as your susceptibility to stress, can make a huge impact. People who get stressed easily tend to make bad traders because the anxiety causes emotional decision making.
  10. Didn't the 10,000 hours to expert guy say the same thing? It takes deliberate practice. And Richard Dennis did prove that trading can be taught.
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