It's not f*cking funny!

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  2. they been blaming him too long for their entire shitty offense.
  3. Good ole DA.

    Tall, rocket arm, questionable decision making. I liked him here and it's easy to love that arm but gotta have the brains too.
  4. Hello


    Reporters like that piss me off. These guys are playing a game anyone of us would love to play, and most guys would sell their sould to be able to play the game for millions of dollars. I would far rather see a guy like that who can smile, and have fun playing a kids game while they are losing then someone like peyton manning who sits on the sidelines with a scowl on his face chewing out his own team mates every time things dont go their way.

    You have to shake shit like taking a loss off. I played a variety of competitive sports as a kid, and there was one player who was a good friend of mine who played both baseball, and hockey with me. Everytime we would be getting killed he would be on the bench banging sticks around and being in a pissy mood. It would ruin the entire teams attitude. The only reason he never got cut was because he was an unreal player, but even sometimes when we were winning he would start throwing hissy fits on the sidelines because he wasnt playing well enough and it would bring the whole team down. I hated playing on the guys team, but outside of sports he was a good guy.

    I will never understand why people get into pissy moods over shit that has happened and which their attitude will do nothing to change. I have met many traders with this attitude to, when i used to trade in a prop office, and the second they would start losing they would start banging their desk and swearing and basically being obnoxious assholes. Today i lost a ton of money, and im still able to joke around with the traders i talk to during the day, what the hell is the point in being pissed off all the time? Does it add more credibility to the fact that i dont want to lose money if i was to throw a hissy fit at the end of a shitty day like today?

    I will pay money any day of the week to watch a guy like Favre play football, Ovechkin play hockey, or Manny Ramirez play baseball, because the guys are out there clearly enjoying what they do, and they are all good at what they do, having a temper tantrum on the sidelines doesnt mean you care more about the game in my eyes, it just makes you a poor sport. Let your play/workethic speak for itself then go out there and enjoy what you are doing.
  5. hello! this isn't about you !!

    cry somewhere's else
  6. I dont follow these sports, but if all the 'fans' have to talk about is some player laughing on the sidelines, they are even more imbecilic than I'd imagined.

    And I'd imagined plenty.

    Maybe they were laughing at the high ticket prices and $10 hot dogs the suckers pay?
  7. hey, there's only 32 MF's that can do the whole wide world~

    IE, starting Q-back for the NFL. that's worth something innit?

    afterall, unlike you THEIR performance is REAL-TIME haha ahah ahahha!
  8. Derek Anderson blows.
  9. NO.......he blows while LAUGHING! :eek:

    :D :eek: :D
  10. A few of those games that he QB'd for the Cleveland Browns last year were so unbelievably bad, I half figured he would be out of the league at this point. Steve Young summed it up best when he said DA is still feeding off that miraculous year a few years back when he was amongst the league's best for a handful of games.

    Whatever he was exploiting then, the league clearly figured out cause when this guy is bad, there is literally nobody worse than him.
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