Its not corruption ... so don't call it that

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Whats your take on Washington Politics

  1. It is downright criminal what they are doing to America from Washington DC and I'm Mad as hell and n

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  2. Sure it is wrong and I don't like it ... but corruption has been around as long as politics ... ease

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  3. It is past fixin' so why bother?

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  4. The system works; it will correct itself ... I'm a believer in the process and think the pendulum sw

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  1. It is Crime.
    It is Treason
    It is Tyranny

    I keep hearing of "Corruption" ... but the term seems so watered down.

    The word doesn't elicit shock any more.

    It isn't a fitting description for the downright criminal treasonous tyrannical behavior of DC politics.
  2. The Numbers are coming in.
  3. TGregg


    Four people are "not going to take it". I bet they do.
  4. Sigh ... yeah ... you popped the balloon ... dang it.

    Although ... if the numbers are high enough and you divide by 10 ...
    there might be enough to take some measure of action.
  5. C'Mon folks ... get your vote in here.
  6. Amnesty ... healthcare

    What else is being rammed down the throats of the American public all at once?

    Can you list some other nasties that we don't want?
  7. I would like to see a list with dates like an "Attack List"

    Second amendment rights

    Is there any list out there where someone has done the basic homework?
  8. Although not on a DC level, I am annoyed that cities are selling revenue streams.

    Chicago Parking Meters LLC - an investment group that includes Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners A Sub LP with 76% interest, Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners LP with 23%, and other entities holding 1% - submitted the winning bid to operate the city's 36,000 parking spots. LAZ Parking will manage the system.

    Another one was the states selling the tobacco settlements to repair sidewalks etc.

    Invest for the future? This country is on life support.
  9. Indeed.
  10. That CUNT... Pelosi! :mad:
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