It's NEVER their Fault- it's always the liberal media!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by iceman1, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Well now we get it.

    The republican bible-belt family-values party turn out to be a bunch of whiners with little character. That is what the republican party has shown America these past 8 years. John McCainMcBush showed his true colors by selecting a marginal candidate when he had MANY others (women included) to select from!

    He put money and his ambition over honor!

    That is typically what republicans do. But don't expect them to admit it ! And of course now the "Do as I SAY not as I DO" party must make all kinds of distorted spin to justify this joke to the dense and non-thinking American public about Palin somehow being ready to lead as VP and Obama not!

    Has anyone EVER heard the fricking republican hypocrites ever say that they did anything wrong. Is their judgment EVER wrong about ANYTHING?! Who are the people voting for these clowns apparently simply to save a few tax dollars which they perceive they will lose under the Democrats. Have some honor republican bible-thumpers? There are more important "family-values" than GOLD ! But I guess you hypocrites never learned that in religious school.

    But they would rather blame it all on the media and claim the media is left (whatever the F that means)! I guess it really means that anyone who doesn't agree with them... and may actually be speaking the truth from time to time... is "liberal" !

    If you don't like Obama then don't vote but don't vote for a McCain/McBush who has dishonered himself by selecting Palin.... and voting for the party that gives us Abramoff.... and Bush's blatant lies about WMD in the middle east! I will take a BJ in the white house as disgraceful as that was over these whining, narcissistic, self-aggrandizing republican hypocrites who apparently never made a mistake. Ever!

    Don't put further trust in a party that thinks they are a monarchy!

    And to think I actually once got suckered into liking this horse' ass G .W Bush. Not again... don't be a sucker !
  2. More hypocrisy from the party that got us deep into Vietnam and Iraq, claims Nixon as their poster boy role model and Bush as the paradigm of courage (although at least Nixon had brains and intelligence unlike aw shucks Bush)!

    The party that is primarily responsible for killing all those civilians and soldiers in VietNam and now the Mideast but claims to be PRO LIFE?????!

  3. More finger pointing at the media...!

    You know.... the media has way too much power to influence the electorate in all things... from what beer to drink to what clothes to wear to what lifestyle to live. They can and do influence voters. But there are plenty of right-wing demagogues in the media to offset this. The media on BOTH sides of the spectrum tend to use hyperbole and taint the news to their bias. The reason the far right-wingers describes the media as "left" or "liberal" is because they can't agree with any premise that does not fit their greed-oriented, religious-hypocrite philosophy of life... "DO as I say not as I DO"! They preach the bible but demonstrate by actions that they do not follow it's philosophy of love thy neighbor! They have been shown (the religious right) to hate their next-door neighbor and those who are different... but they rarely forget to say grace!

    AND if you try to take some of it away and distribute it to others just a tad more they flip out! You will never hear a true republican right winger say "there but for the grace of God goes I"..... ! Nope. They will say "I earned it" and others should do the same! Why should government give "handouts" to their fellow humans? Let them pull themselves up by their bootstraps when in fact some people just didn't get lucky and don't even have boots! Don't tell me democrats don't expect people to "earn their way", to have responsibility for their destiny! The only difference is that democrats have compassion and believe some people need a push to get out of the gate!

    If it was up to the right-wing hypocrites............ women would not vote, blacks would still be slaves and more people would be sleeping on park benches while the good olde boys drove by in Rolls Royces and Mercedes SLs! So......... if the so-called "left" is in power again the gap between the obscenely rich may narrow (just a tad) and right-wing greed mongers don't like that!

    They want to keep every dime and take it with them when they die!

    Like the pharoahs did eons ago.