its my birthday

Discussion in 'Politics' started by traderkay, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. im 24.
  2. happy birthday mofo
  3. bobcathy1

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    Well, Happy Birthday!

  4. I hate you!!!!!!!:( :( :( .....let me guess, first your going to start off at a buddys apartment and throw back a few, then dinner at a trendy place, then a nite club with scantily clad girls around 22, then some tequila shots, a happy b-day kiss and then POOF! its off to her apartment where you bang the nite away .....Youth is wasted on the Young!!!!...

    ps....take some pictures for an old man like me ok??

    Happy Birth day man...enjoy it ...really!
  5. DTK


    Happy Birthday!
    Have a good one you crazy youngin...

  6. lmao :D

    ps happy belated
  7. DTK


    It's my birthday this coming Friday.
    Can anyone tell me what market moving news I'll miss by not working that day?

  8. it'll cost you.

    so traderkay, was she worth it the next AM?
  9. i think traderkay was banned.

  10. why ?
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