Its lovely sitting on the boat LONG

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by EtfTraderLives, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. And watching money pouring in without even trying. :D
  2. 50_Bip


    Yeah I'm sure you loaded that boat at exactly 10:00 am on July 15th, didn't you?
  3. kid you don't even have any money....let alone making a trade or being long and making $$$$.

    Go back to your play have a better shot at being a guitar hero than a profitable trader.

    You aren't fooling anyone....

  4. Yet another fool that takes stabs at irrelevant and inaccurate assumptions. I now have you on my fade list as you clearly demonstrate the inability to gather facts and make judgement based on any reality.

    Go back to tyiing flies.
  5. chit chat.
  6. Holy Crap, that was funny. :D
  7. and how much are you up in dollars?
  8. gobar


    nice call etf..

    ignore bashers
  9. and he shuts up when asked about how much he has made off his trade so far.....
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