"It's like déjà vu all over again".

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  2. As first reported by The Plum Line, Virginia Republican Eric Cantor is in hot water after responding to critics with a profane web video.

    The union coalition AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees), along with Americans United for Change, started running ads targeting Cantor for encouraging Republican opposition to the economic recovery plan. The House whip reacted with an ad of his own, depicting AFSCME workers as curse-spewing bullies.

    "On your way to work tomorrow, instead of sitting around with your finger up your ass, look around," the voiceover says. "There's a union out there called AFSCME and they're busting their balls doing a lot of shit work you take for granted. For example, we pick up your fucking garbage."

    "We don't take shit from nobody," the voiceover finishes. "You got that, asshole? AFSCME -- the fucking union that works for you."

    WATCH (Warning: Language NSFW):

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    AFSCME President Gerald McEntee isn't amused. "Eric Cantor may think the greatest economic crisis in seventy years is a joke, but we don't," he said in a statement. "He should talk to the people in Virginia who are losing their jobs, health care and homes."

    Brad Woodhouse, President of Americans United for Change, responded more forcefully:

    "Does Eric Cantor believe that peddling profanity-laced filth around the Internet is consistent with the values of the people of Virginia or the country? This is childish, inappropriate and disgusting behavior from someone who is supposed to be a leader in Congress and a role model to others. Eric Cantor's response to one of the most serious crises facing America in our lifetimes is to spread this filth, denigrate government employees and treat the current economic crisis like a joke. This video has been floating around on YouTube for years - but Eric Cantor's use of it in this context shows how completely and utterly out of touch he is with the current economic crisis and the lives of his constituents. Eric Cantor should be ashamed and he should apologize."

    And AFL-CIO President John Sweeney added: "During these tough economic times the last thing hard working Americans need is to be ridiculed by a member of the Republican leadership. Rep. Cantor should apologize for insulting America's workers with this profane video."
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  7. Rest In Peace Rory---

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  8. Edgar Winter's White Trash---

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    Edgar Winter's White Trash
    Epic 30512
    Released: April 1971
    Chart Peak: #111
    Weeks Charted: 19

    Edgar WinterThe first time I heard this album I wasn't sure whether Edgar Winter was a gospel singer gone mod or a fire eater escaped from Ringling Bros. & Co. The second time I was sure he is both. A master of both, no less.

    White Trash is a pure delight, the more so for its unexpectedness. Winter sings, writes, plays piano and sax, and works with a seven piece R&B group. This is his second album -- his first with his own group -- and on it he conveys as great a sense of personal style as any white bluesman on the scene today.

    The sound of the band is loose and rangy in the best tradition of white Southern R&B (a la the best of John Fred and His Playboy Band) and Winter's singing is fully equal of it: he never stops at mere competence. On a quick listen some of the music could have easily been mistaken for Stax soul. But the difference is in the white gospel roots that both Winter and co-vocalist Jerry laCroix exhibit throughout the record. Up-tempo songs like "Save the Planet" and "Keep Playin' that Rock and Roll" are fine rockers but the guts of the album is in slow, semi-religious "You Were My Light." The latter is the highlight of the album: Winter sings flawlessly, first in front of his superb rhythm section, and then with a beautifully arranged and blended horn section. On the choruses the three elements come together with tremendous impact -- enough to blow me back listen after listen. The lyrics here, as throughout, are almost charming in their openness, directness, and simplicity. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the album is the emergence of Edgar Winter as an excellent songwriter.

    At the peak of their frenzy, both Winter and laCroix cross over the gospel line and into pure shrieking and screaming. In the controlled doses they administer here, it is very powerful stuff. Such vocal techniques are easily misused, but like everything else on White Trash, Edgar keeps it under control and makes it work for him. The results are a revealing and exciting album -- hopefully, only the first of many more to come. It's the kind of record that makes you want to see the group perform. What higher praise is there for a new album by a new group?

    - Jon Landau, Rolling Stone, 5/27/71.

    Bonus Reviews!

    This is my pick for the greatest album of the year; it certainly is the most impressive surprise masterpiece to hit the rock scene in months. Forget Edgar's syrupy debut Entrance album of last year, and don't expect the Johnny Winter hard blues sound. White Trash is a superbly produced, fantastically performed, well written rock masterpiece in the tradition of Cream, Traffic, and Joe Cocker. It has all the powerful excitement and freshness of the great rock albums of 1967 and as much musical competence and authenticity as anything around today.

    The band includes several horns but instead of playing orchestrated unemotional music the way Chicago or Blood, Sweat and Tears are wont to do, White Trash cooks with its brass and takes you far out. Edgar's voice is satisfying and hard to forget. He sings with uniquely controlled emotion which periodically bursts into a shriek. That shriek undoubtedly will come to be his trademark. The arrangements are unencumbered by formula or boundary. Producer Rick Derringer has a secure reputation after this one. The mood is always changing, but always connected. The album is unforgettable.

    Edgar's version of the Ray Charles classic "I've Got News For You" is a high point, but a big part of the album's impact are the fantastic original tunes. Edgar wrote most of them, but was ably helped by Jerry laCroix who plays tenor sax and harp and helps with the singing. "Fly Away" would be a good choice for a single because of a lovely refrain and hauntingly beautiful rock sound. "Keep Playing that Rock and Roll" is a fast moving good time dance number, "Dying To Live" is a beautiful ballad destined to be a much-recorded classic, Edgar's voice in it moves with a profound sensitivity he previously has kept hidden. And "Save The Planet," sung by laCroix, is the first authentic ecology rock song, bursting its words of sanity through a memorable musical background.

    It's a little embarrassing to write such an unqualified rave, particularly for an artist who has never had a popular record. But the album is so powerful, so well put together, and so exciting, that my real regret is my inability to do it justice. It does derive a lot of its sound from other contemporary musicians, most apparently Sly and the Family Stone; but it is put together so well that it takes you through several pleasant changes, always exceeding expectation until it builds into an experience. The songs and sound will grab you the first time you put it on. White Trash establishes a new superstar whose talent will bring his songs to millions of ears.

    - Danny Goldberg, Circus, 5/71.

    The cover shows Edgar Winter (who looks very much like brother Johnny) and his Texas band on the slushy streets of the Lower East Side. But the music on Edgar Winter's White Trash is white blues and Gospel, straight out of the South. This fusion of black with white, rip-up frenzy with careful New York production and impeccable performance makes for an album of stunning power. Edgar's superlative singing and writing, aided by Jerry LaCroix, are best evident on "Let's Get It On" and "Save the Planet," but every cut is the work of a group that has been able to get it amazingly together. Trash collecting, as a movement, begins right here.

    - Playboy, 10/71.

    So this is that hard-ass roadhouse rockaroll, eh? Sounds like overkill to me, which I guess is very Texas, but I figured in Texas they'd be too real to mistake hysteria for a good time. And since when do they rhyme "subjective" and "objective" down there? Or wonder whether the world will be saved by Mr. White or Mr. Black? C

    - Robert Christgau, Christgau's Record Guide, 1981.

    A full R&B outfit with horns. Texas raunch. Only the ballad sounds dated. * * * *

    - Robert Gordon, The All-Music Guide to Rock, 1995.

    Edgar Winter's White Trash covers hard rock, soul, funk and blues -- often at a blistering pace. The impassioned "Save the Planet" and melodic "Where Would I Be" accompany a salvo of rocking R&B in "I've Got News for You" and "Give it Everything You Got." * * * * 1/2
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  10. Thick as a Brick, reminds me of the collective ET dullards...

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