It's harder to spend BTC now, then it was in 2013 (Satoshi Nakamoto)

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  2. Thanks for sharing! It is clear that the current version of bitcoin does not reflect Satoshi's vision. That being said, who knows what the future holds. Just follow the trends. Right now, people are chasing bitcoin again.
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    Child pornography.
    Store of value for drug lords.
    Manipulation for WS.
    A finishing nail for all finance fool in 2018.
    A currency for all of the shady activities out there (other cryptos including)

    Bloody hell - indeed it does not, that's why i am looking, at any supporter of it, with suspicious face.

    #1 - either an idiot
    #2 - such a person, is hiding something.
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    What BSV dopes don't understand when they say 'the courts will decide', thinking that a court order can freeze or move BSV, is which court exactly?

    British courts?
    Chinese courts?
    Angolan courts?
    Paraguayan courts?

    See, you all get yourselves wound up about the 'courts' but again, which courts? What happens if a Ugandan court orders BSV miners, located around the world, to freeze a certain address? Will all those BSV miners comply with that court order?

    Ah, BSVers will say, of course a Ugandan court is not much of a court so we won't respect that order. But then where is the cut off point? If a Ugandan court is not viable, which countries courts are and which are not? Who draws that line and on what basis?

    Let's say for example that Chinese and American courts are ones to be obeyed.Would then Chinese miners freeze addresses of known Chinese wallets because an American court orders them to on what may well be a politically motivated charge (it might not be, but you can bet the Chinese will spin it that way)? I doubt it. Same in reverse, if the Chinese courts were telling the Americans what to do.

    Few of you fools have thought through the above.

    Then we come to the figureheads of BSV, Mr Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre. The first has been called a perjurer by US courts and has tried to scam the Australian tax office out of multiple millions, and Ayre was on the run for a decade from American courts. Ayre also loves to take selfies (he's over 60!) with what looks like cheap South American whores many of who also look very dubious on the age front. Yes, just the sort of people you want in control of a potential global currency. Anyone who thinks that BSV can advance with those 2 at the helm is a certified moron.
  5. Well, I didn't bring up BSV, but that doesn't change the fact that bitcoin morphed into something that wasn't intended when it was created. And I don't mind speculating in bitcoin because if people want to drive up or down the price, I'm happy to try and capture that move. Ultimately, if bitcoin's price rises too much, there will likely be unintended consequences, including government intervention of some kind.
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    It was about BSV because the ugly mug of Wright was in the first post.

    As for an ever rising BTC price, why would a government intervene? And which government(s) exactly?

    A rising BTC price would continue to prove it's working and there's strong demand for such a currency. So if the US government for example does 'something' that will almost certainly lead to other governments being offered an oportunity, and a pretty big one at that. The Swiss for example, with their long history of banking/money, are very pro-BTC. How they'd love a clumsy government(s) to intervene. Many parts of Asia as well. And lets not forget a fast up and coming Africa. So any government action on Bitcoin is likely to have unintended consequences against that government. Who wants to be the politician(s) with that risk on their back because if Bitcoin contunies to flourish despite their ban or new regulatory edicts, they're going to be the laughing stock of the world.

    The sensible ploy for any government would be to learn to work with Bitcoin, and that's exactly what many forward thinking governments are trying to do.

    PS. Out of interest, how has BTC morphed into something it wasn't intended when created? If Satoshi is still alive (my odds on being Satoshi are far better than the idiot Wright's) I reckon he'd be very proud of his baby...
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    Just for the record - have you watched the interview ?

    Because this episode, of what you wrote, is very contradicting to that which was spoken :

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    No, the last thing I'd want to do is watch a video with Wright's bullshit/technobabble.

    Root canal would be more enjoyable (and I'd have to pay for that!).

    For those that are interested in the joker Wright, there's a tonne of info on the web, here's one of the best summaries.

    How Many Wrongs make a Wright -

    PS. As for trading BSV, best of luck, no doubt there's money to be made both ways.
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