Its hammertime!!!

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    Thats a pretty large hammer on this chart. If you draw the lines on this chart, you can see a downtrending upper/lower trend line.

    This means to me that there will be plenty of good times in the short-term where shorts will be covering and scrambling.

    Im 75% certain that this is the bottom, but, if its not, then there will be one more painful and long down-trend sometime after this bounce is done. Probably will go down to 1150. I think the XLF has bottomed now.

    Now Robbie or Landis you can feel free to make your odd comments on this thread.

    Ivanovich, yes, this thread is actually about trading. No need to move to chit-chat.
  2. Are you stock_turder?

    Your permabullness in a bear market is amazing.
  3. We should be good for 1300.
    Will have to re evalute at that point.
  4. Should go to about 1,325 before the next leg down.
  5. Look back the last 3 years. Everytime this thing has hit the bottomline, then there is a bounce of some duration. Wouldnt it be a good time to place some money in the ultralong SPY etf and then set a stop-loss at a certain point? I say its good for about 5-10% in short term cash before it turns, if it turns...
  6. I'd like to see 1325, but lets get through a round number first.
  7. "if it turns" - funny

    The SEC fixed inflation and all our other problems by saying no more naked shorting. Yippeeeee.........

    See how stupid that sounds? Basically what you have been pumping.
  8. This is a major area I will be watching too.....ES trades to 1330 area and I will be ready to HAMMER the short side heavy for the third time in the last 9 months.
  9. Port, have you ever traded with real money in your life? Call out robbie all you like but he has owned you time and time again and I can assure you he is exponetially better at trading than you, if you even trade at all. Instead of contributing anything meaningful to this forum you insist on posting photo shopped account statements and calling non-existent bottoms. Maybe one day you might actually grow some balls and put on a big boy position, until then keep making your childish predictions, heck you might actually get one right at some point....even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile.
  10. Xuanxue


    Three legs gained off the first bounce? Seems about right, from where the 30 T Bond and Gold are trading. But this correction to the downside will scare off a bunch. I'll buy on the dip, if it shows a dip. I don't think it will.
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