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Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Nov 8, 2003.

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  3. its called a "corvette" .. we make them right here in states :p
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  4. Hmm... I drove a corvette recently. Looked quite different, though. This must be a very old one, like pre-80's model?
    I don't know why anyone would pick pee yellow for a car color, though? I guess you' can't argue about taste. :confused:

    Fast_Trader has an extremely nice Corvette, I think a 2002 C5.

    I wouldn't buy one myself, though, it's too much of a "muscle car". I'm currently haggling somewhere between a Ferrari 360 Modena/Spider, Acura NSX or Lamborghini Gallardo.

    I think until I'm clear about what I want, I'll put my money into more trading size, real estate etc and stay with my semi-NSX Honda C. Does more speed than a corvette and accelerates faster, by the way.

    But otherwise - Nice alloys! They're the only thing I like about your car. I've got Lenso SL5 Magnesium Alloys on mine... :)

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  5. :mad: Well that was certainly a mean spirited post ! Still making pretty earrings?

    "Too much of a muscle car" for you .. yes i can what you mean "muscle" is such a foreign concept to you sporting your 36 inch chest :p

    Your "semi-NSX" is a freaking joke dude. I'll bet you can't autograph the pavement in third like my baby does.. HA!

    The best you get out of your POS NSX wannabe is a pathetic 'chirp' and only if you rev it to 10,000 and POP its little clutch ! HA! HA! What a piece of junk! :p
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  6. No, my Jewellery Design business is long running itself. I only go there occassionally. Sorry if it was mean spirited. After your so many mean sprited posts, what do you expect? :mad:

    Not quite accurate. I'm not sure if you know how I look, but not exactly the way you seem to think. I'm an active martial artist and get plenty of 'body-sculpting'. The difference is that I really can also fight if I need to, rather than just looking big, which I consider absolutely lame.

    My car does actually go up to about 110 in 1st gear, "dude", how about yours? :D

    But honestly : Burn out? I can do that in first! If I rev up to beyond ~5,500, V-TEC kicks in and almost doubles the power. If I then release the clutch, you can't actually see my car. :)

    However, that's childish behaviour and is a sheer waste of tyres.
    You know that saying: "Walk quietly and carry a big stick."
    I only need to start my engine and people know what's going on.
    Around here, you won't get much respect with a corvette, though.
    Holden HSV wouldn't be bad for you... Sure you'd like that...

    Good Luck.
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  8. "Body-Sculpting".. ooh that sounds absolutely divine ! i think we have a special ladies class at my gym that does that i'll have to ask.... WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! BWAHHAHAHA!! :p :p :p

    OHHH I cant wait to do a little body-scupting tonight while I'm benching THREE HUNDRED FIFTY! LOL !! :D
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  9. Isn't it just sooo excellent? :D

    I love the quotes:

    "... I trade 100 ES contracts of day and I get the ladies hot at night."
    "... Who's your daddy??"
    "... Oh GORDON! You are my daddy! Heeh - heeh."
    "... There is no god."
    "... But mom. I'm trading. I will make us rich!"
    "... Can you mortgage the house? I need more more size to become profitable."


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  10. THE MAN


    Scientist go make some earrings ...with dog heads inside pyramids, none-the-less... you freakin dork
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