It's Gordon's World!

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  1. Absolutely brilliant! Very funny Aphie.

    GG no offense intended, it is pretty funny though.
  3. this just goes to show what a lame *F* you really are aphie baby.

    you oughta spend more time in critical examination of your god fetish (not to mention your gay fetish) than you do trying to be so clever.

    what a dork you are aphie!
  4. What the hell is a lame *F*? I may be a lame *F*, but you're a lame FUCK.
  5. How odd that you are so upset over people having fun at Gordon's expense.

    You seem to take it so personally, makes one wonder what your real connection is to GG.....
  6. LOL
  7. Quit making fun of GG he has a lot more on the ball than than you aphie.. don't you have to go pray or something or shop for fishnet pantyhose haha! :p

    Hey GG .. this is for you DUDE! enjoy!
  8. Aphie!!!:D :D

    Forgot the meats and cheeses in the background??:confused:

    Gordy/Maverickman should to sell his 1000 alias/password tracking program and make some serious dough:D :cool: :p
  9. Jeez, don't you know that LongShot is FasterPussycat?

    FPC / LongShot = Gordon Gekko's best ET friend.

    Good Morning! :cool:
    #10     Nov 13, 2003