its everyone`s fault but mine

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  1. Oh my goodness the NYSE specialist gave me a crappy fill....uh oh, the market maker`s are working together to walk the bid up/offer down...wait, I got smoked because a buy/sell program went off and I was on the other side......those crooks over at the AMEX wont fill my options order...the volume was so light today that those damn hedge funds controlled the direction of the entire market......UFO`s were hovering over Wall Street today.....the weather was bad.... J. Edgar Hoover showed up from the dead wearing a skirt and Alan Greenspan and him were caught on film square dancing with JFK on the floor of the CME.......WWAAAAAAHHHH....WAAHHHHHHHH...its everyone`s fault but mine I lost money today
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    You missed a really nice one. "The market was obviously going to tank, if the PPT hadn't stepped in and taken all my money."
  3. my mistake.....the tears dripping onto my keyboard locked up my system and I could not post anymore....or cover that short position that was crushing my BP
  4. I didn't hear anything about the UFOs on Squawk Box.

  5. Thats because you dont have a paid subscription to my TV program, newsletter, trading system or can get all of this for the low low price of your first born son. Or if you prefer your daughters virginity. I guarantee you will make money if you subscribe to ANY of my services.

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  8. Is that firm sending out email flyers. Saying they will blow your mind just stop by.
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  10. I do not want to mention the name of his firm, but, it rhymes with Hill Lecurities, LLC. You can contact them @ 1.800.SHI.L4ME
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