It's easier to be a millionaire than get six pack abs.

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  1. So here are the statistics. 9% of the 118 million households in the US are millionaires. So if you are the head of a household, your odds of being a millionaire are about 1 in 10.

    The number of Americans with 6 pack abs are 1 in 25,000.

    Most people think becoming a millionaire would be way harder than exercising your way to a 6 pack, but when you think of what is involved, they are both pretty much the same. Getting to both requires sacrifice, dedication, and time. Both goals will have people trying to scam you into shortcuts too. (Get rich quick scemes vs tv infomercials selling ab rockers) Both goals at times will make you feel like you are not moving forward at some point and want to give up completely because "its not working"

    So I think if you really want to become a millionaire, you should try to get six pack abs first, because if you can get the mindset to do that, then having the mindset to make a million bucks (in trading, real estate, or business) will be cake.
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    You know this includes real estate, right? You don't have to work hard, just HOPEFULLY pay off that mortgage.
  3. A million dollar net worth is a million dollar net worth even if its in real estate. The average person also doesnt live in a million dollar home trying to pay off that mortgage. They live in a $200k home and when they pay it off, they still only have a $200k net worth from that home. They still need to have $800k somewhere else to hit that million.
  4. So what is Jon Basedow?
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    You need to pay attention to actual consumption habits of people out there.

    Here's a better way of looking at this

    You got about three million millionaires, which doesn't include people's primary homes or consumer goods. This is more what you're talking about. That'd be about one percent of the population (don't know translation to households) that truly feel like a millionaire, instead of being well off.

    You're basic point of dedication, sacrifice and hard work is spot on.
  6. I have had a 6 pack since I was 11. It was not that good but by the time of thirteen it was good. I have never really lost it since. It is easy if you get it young.
  7. Just like being a millionaire, some people get a six pack without trying very hard(or at all). Others of us (like me) have to work our asses off to get it. :( I'm still at a 4 pack and having alot of trouble getting those last 2 packs to show up. (sometimes I wonder if they are even there!) haha. Been stuck at 10% body fat for a while so I cut out my soda(my last vice) a few weeks ago hoping that will tip the scales in my favor. :)
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    being a millionaire in 2012 in us dollar currency isnt much of a feat
  9. In this economy ?
  10. so your a millionaire?
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