Its earnings season--market ready to decline

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Will the S&P 500 be higher or lower at the end of January?

  1. It will close higher than 1145

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  2. It will close lower than 1145

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  3. Not sure

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  1. Well, earnings season is upon us. The market has gone up in a tight range, with volatility declining. My opinion is that with the coming earnings season, the market volatility will pick up. But can the market go even higher? I don't think so because all good news has been priced in. What do you think?
  2. I see Dow 20k in three years, pull back will happen in March 10 % .
  3. NoDoji


    Yes, it can go much higher.

    Prices are rising based on hope for future growth, and the fact that nothing else is providing a decent return on investment.
  4. there no volume it can go either way, just use 100 shares pay the spread and watch it go to 20,000...or vice versa
  5. When earnings come out the "hope" for growth will dissipate.
  6. No.Heat


    The market direction is not decided yet, it's waiting for earnings, as usual.

    It's amazing how people possess predictive powers in this board.

    No Heat
  7. Exactly. The best traders are the ones able to be a step ahead of the masses.
  8. True, but expectation are so low..........upward we climb.

    The last time the masses got angry we had a tea party on the mall. Can't have that again.


  9. ummm. in hindsight MAYBE.

    But...this is taking the cake as the dumbest post so far in 2010.

    Nice job are now famous.

  10. OP = Rowshan.
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