It's Confiscation and Pillage time for the United States

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  1. May 10, 2011

    SouthAmerica: The US government is bankrupt, discredited, and the US dollar is at the edge of the abyss.

    The US government is desperate to grab anything they can, before the party is really over. It's time for the final dance.

    You can bet that Saudi Arabia will be an easy prey for the United States government.

    I warned the Saudis many years ago that eventually the Us would pillage their assets. It's just a matter of time.

    The US pillaged the assets of Iraq when the US confiscated the assets of the Iraq government before of the war against that country.

    The Egyptians, and Tunisians are not going to see a penny of any assets confiscated in relation to Mubarak's government collapse.

    The Libyan people can kiss goodbye to the $ 30 billion US dollars that the US government confiscated from that country.

    As far the US government is concerned it's open season on the assets of other governments, and it's pillage time.

    If the Saudi government has not started moving all their money outside the United States then they deserve to lose all their assets, because they are a bunch of fools.

    In June 2003, I wrote an article regarding “Brazil and Saudi Arabia” that caught the attention of the Brazilian State Department in Brazil.

    Later, I also found out that my article had been circulated among members of the Saudi Arabian Royal family, and also among senior members of the Saudi Arabian government.

    ...My article was an eye opener for a lot of people in Saudi Arabia. He told me that he used to have two bank accounts here in the United States until recently, but he closed both accounts after reading my article, and moved his money to a safer place out of the USA.

    He also told me that he knew many other people in Saudi Arabia that were doing the same thing; moving their money out of the USA, just in case.

    Brazzil magazine – June 2003
    Dear Saudis, Play Safe, Bring Your Money to Brazil

  2. May 10, 2011

    SouthAmerica: Every day that goes by the United States becomes an even more "Pathetic" place.

    The Chinese government in the future will have a hard time explaining to future generations "why they pissed their resources and invested so much money in a country that was collapsing just like the Soviet Union?"

    China is a very poor country in terms of per capita income, but it has been throwing away good money after a very bad investment - the US dollar.

    There's nothing the Chinese will be able to do in the future to save face, and look like a Jackass to the rest of the world.

    The Chinese is looking very incompetent, but I expected the Chinese to be more intelligent than that.

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    you are writing off the Chinese without offering an iota of proof. more likely they will grow and write of this investment. in the mean time interest rates are dropping and they can dump this crap paper over time.

    you don't mention the great benefits to the chinese economy in return for buying this crap paper.
  4. This government along with the Multi-Nationals, (actually the same thing), have been pillaging the American people for decades. They put the Attila the Hun economic policy into high gear during the Reagan administration and have kept the peddle to the floor ever since. It should come as no surprise what they'll do to foreign entities.
  5. SouthAmerica: Every day that goes by the United States becomes an even more "Pathetic" place.

    You sound very "American". It's very fashionable to bash America. Ya need a new angle or a thesaurus.
  6. He has somehow confused Bush/Obama's foreign policy with Donald Trump's.
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    Then why do you live here?
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    I have asked myself the same question. Why do I live here?

    The assclowns in DC are hellbent on trashing it.
  9. SouthAmerica- although I do agree with your thoughts on the ultimate demise of the US that is coming faster than most think. I offer you an alternative explanation for why China is behaving the way it is currently. If you view this situation as a game with the current "era" ending when the US falls, then it is in China's interest to have amassed the most resources (natural) that it can by the end of this era. Currently they control far fewer resources, as a percentage of the world's, than their population or economy would dictate they should. That being the case it is in China's best interest to buy more time to accumulate these resources.

    Each year that passes, China is able to purchase and gain control over more of the world's resources of the world. Even if they aren't spending all of their gained wealth on it, each year they are gaining. If instead China chose to stop supporting US debt, they would definitely be able to purchase more resources in the short term, but much like a game of "prisoner's dilemma" it is not really in their interest to hasten the fall of the US until it's demise is so apparent that it can no longer be avoided.

    Each year that the current state of affairs continues China wins a bit more. Once the failing of the US is both imminent and unavoidable, that will be the optimal timing for China to push us over the edge, but as along as this precarious state of affairs continues China is merely strengthening their position year by year to pick up the pieces that fall.
  10. :D I'm sure you have tremendous clout with the Saudi Royal Family! LOL
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