It's Britney, Bitch...

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  1. List of the trainwreck: hair extensions, fat ass, lack of lip synching is probably due to holding in that gut so long, wobbles when she walks. Where was FEMA?
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  2. lindq


    It was a riot watching her act. You wouldn't have guessed that the girl ever took a dance lesson in her life, and she was at least 25 pounds overweight. And she tried to pull this off in a bikini, no less!

    It reminded me of the scene in Disney's first Fantasia of the hippo trying to blend into a ballet troupe. Very funny.
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  3. lar


    Kanye West (though talented, he's a real piece of work himself) said it could be a career ender for her. Said he even felt sorry for her.

    Hippo, eh? Clearly she has a long road back from FantasiaLand.

    Let's see if she fades or fights. There are a lot of chips stacked against her.
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  4. In what way is Kanye talented? What musical instruments does he play? Does he write music or does he talk to pre-recorded music like every other rapper?
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  5. The bar for what is considered as talent is now a painted yellow line on the ground. I was told it's no longer about skills and knowledge. It's all about "do you have a message with street cred?" I really don't think it takes much in the way of training, or the wish to be, any more. It truly is a sad one when you compare today's crop of "Icons" (LOL) to some of the true old school legends. :)
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  6. lar


    He's a talented wordsmith and constructs complicated chords that are offbeat but attractive. His offbeat chords remind me somewhat of Prince's (or the artist formerly known as prince). His vocals are clean, clear and crisp.

    Having a couple of number one songs in any genre is no accident and is a big deal... even if they are not to everyone's tastes.
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  7. lar


    Not a hardbody like before for sure... Hippo does not come to my mind though.
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  8. lar


    Maybe you had to see it animated (no pun intended) to get the out of control weight impression... I don't get that impression from these photographs though.
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  9. As an "old guy" - seeing Chuck Berry in the 50's, and in the 2000's, I tend to agree, but with a small caveat.

    Back in the early days of Rock and Roll, the "old school" thought it was just a horrible fad that would go away. I'm sure many of us thought the same about Disco (I still do, LOL), and I'm sure many felt that way about the original gangsta rappers, and then the hip-hoppers, Grunge guys in the 80's/90's, etc.

    Each generation seems to adopt a few groups or individuals as their own, it seems to me. Who knows what will be the next big variation in musical entertainment?

    I like a number of varied styles, and see the Stones when I can, love the Eagles, love Jimmy Buffett and Kris Kristofferson (I really like the story tellers, I guess)...John Denver and Tom T. Hall, among others. Played guitar with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Les Thompson, founder, was in my class in High School (McCabes guitar shop in Long Beach, CA). I was happy to take my son to Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry, and was even happier that he likes their music. Not much into Rap, but certainly don't slight those who have adopted it as their own.

    I guess what I'm saying is that a few styles endure, some are here today, gone tomorrow.

    And, yes, promotion has a heck of a lot to do with bringing in the 13-30 age group's money.

    (OK, turning off Memory Lane now). LOL.

    Don :cool:
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  10. ElCubano


    he is actually quite talented and has produced many a hit for other rappers besides himself...Like Hova ( aka jigga aka jayZ ), eminem, the game to name a few......
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