It's Britney, Bitch...

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  1. I don't mind her party ways, remember I'm a "child of the sixties" -and was with a whole bunch of rich "children" on the trading floors during the 70's and 80's - I've seen my share of partying in San Francisco and Chicago....but, the part that I can't understand is, with all this going for her, why her handlers let her be seen like the old smoking hags on those anti-smoking banners, and to allow paparazzi to photograph such things. At least the traders I knew would not go out in public "too" messed up, LOL. Traders tend to maintain some dignity and decorum, for the most part. Probably an ego thing.

    Anyway, Britney, Nicole, and Lindsay provide some humor and news time away from what's going on in the rest of the world.

    Actually sat next to Nicole Ritchey at the 2005 World Series of Poker "Celebrity poker game" - I didn't recognize her, so small, hiding behind her blackberry - photographers kept taking my picture, and I couldn't figure out why, LOL.

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    Heheheheh... Did you smile and say cheese? Hahahaaha

    I was a child of the 70s and was more into uh - ahem "free love" than alcohol or drugs. Never really had a wild streak though till I hit my 40s.

    I am interested to see how PHilton handles herself after that brief stint in the caboose. Could be a turning point for her as well... expecially since rumor has it that her folks may cut her off if she keeps embarassing them.

    The first sign of a Britney turn around will be for her to return to her musical roots. This comeback single starts that off well. Next sign will for her to lose that fat arse and get back into physical shape. Funny how the stress starved LLohan and NRichie into skeletons while BSpears got porky. My own stress reaction was to get porky too, well that and quiting smoking 2-3 packs a day compounded things. I am down 60 lbs from my worst and have 40 - 60 more to go to get back into fighting trim.

    Peace and gtty,

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  3. May I ask the inevitable... who fucking cares?
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    Sure, there are more important issues going on in the world. This is primarily of interest to me in that some people are unstopable when they remain true to their own character. It is easier to see in people who you spend time with and get to know. I've always found this fascinating when a poet is a quintessential poet and a geek is a quintessential geek and a plumber, thief, waitress, carpenter etc all remain true to their internal drives.

    It also describes how I feel about myself being a trader. Maybe I need to get out more though.


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  5. Those guys stayed popular for years and I'm not sure Britney can do that. She has a strong work ethic but I'm not sure she has the personal creativity to re-image herself as the years go by. Imo she will probably slowly go into obscurity which may "save her life"...

    Again, that's my two cents...
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    Good points. Time will tell what she is made of.

    I didn't see it but apparently she sucked at the MTV Video Music Awards. She retained the "star power" enough to land a plum spot there but was incapable of providing the same calibre show she used to put on. Overweight instead of buff, lip synching though she didn't do a strenuous dance routine, clunky without her former professionalism and crispness.

    So, she is now able to get extreemly critical (and probably accurate) feedback from some of the most seasoned professional who saw the performance first hand. Let's see if she takes it and regroups. Her bar will have to be raised higher than it was before tonight's performance. Raised much higher. In specific areas. She may also have lost some support in the industry tonight.

    I'm still betting she'll regroup but she has a tougher row to hoe after tonight. Maybe, as you say, she'll fade away but something tells me she'll make it happen.

    Time will tell.
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  7. Like most teeny bop music, she has always lip-synched. Yes, she sings, but they run tape as well making her voice sound fuller. I used to be in merchandising and saw many soundchecks where the entire bands were there practicing w/out the 'stars' of the show. Weak.
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  8. I highly dout she even writes here own lyrics. And I know for a

    FACT that most the artists today dont produce their own music.

    They hire people like Scott Storch ( )

    .. When you think about it, WHAT does she

    really DO?.. just sing, shake her ass and look cute?.... Just about

    any woman can do that...nothing special with Britney.
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    This is exactly why Britney should never, ever sing live. She should just stand there, dance around and look pretty.

    Repeat after me, no live singing...
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    You may.. and the answer.. nobody
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