It's Britney, Bitch...

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    She's a Juggernaut, Bitch...

    Her comeback single is quite good. And is in character. Who'da thunk it.

    Gimmie More.
  2. Recently, she made 250k for just going to a new night club to "be

    seen". She didnt sing or anything, and they handed her a

    quarter mil.
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    250 K for showing up, eh? Shows she is still potent.

    I think she'll make a comeback as significant as Mariah's. An interesting life from obscurity to world wide recognition. She's maintained her own identity even in damage control mode. Cute too.

    Go long Ms Spears. I think she'll pull it off (just like her panties, heheheheh).
  4. Not exactly from my generation, LOL. Very cute until you see her a few times, chain smoking cigarettes, falling down drunk at the Palms a few times, total "yuk" - But, what the hell, at $250K to show up? I don't even get that, LOL.

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    Hi Don,

    Yeah, I hear ya... Not from my generation either.

    Most girls party to some extent in their late teens thu their early 20s anyway. Thing that gets me is most girls don't have virtually unlimited financial resources to go as far as their imagination take them. Relative to her backwater background she probably showed better restraint than many would under similar conditions. Particlularly after dedicating most of her teenage years to honing her... uh, trade. Most don't make it in the music industry at all and fail miserably, from a financial perspective. Probably just as bad as traders do. Most quit or get blown out before they can even identify the nature of the markets and their machinations. This girl Britney focused, worked hard and sacrificed to get her career skyrocketing before she could even vote. Just like BeYonce (though BeYonce has been pretty graceful through the whole of a similar trac but she had a more solid foundation).

    I actually admire this young woman and expect she will mature and blossom into adulthood. She'll regroup and find her balance, I'm sure. Some people are just like that... You know the ones... The universe just seems to rise to meet them... They are rare but they exist. I think she is one of them.

    I don't even like most of her music (or BeYonce's), but then I am not in her(their) marketing niche. Mariah on the other hand ~ Mariah speaks to me.

    Oh yeah, by the way - I'd pay you $251K to show up Don... just bring her with you! (G!) All joking aside, looks like you probably pay yourself 1/4Mil pretty frequently anyway Mr Bright.

    Peace and gtty,

  6. Admire what???
    Blossom into adulthood??? What age do you consider adulthood? You'd think having a couple kids would make you realize she is of adult age. She's a disaster and a horrible mother.
  7. Kind of. She was a Mousecateer. Sounds crazy but it was the ultimate in star training. She was known for being the shy, sweet kid believe it or not. But they worked, for example, with the best choreographers in the business and soon she was literally transformed into a star by the entertainment industry machinery.

    Don't know if you've seen the recent "documentary" but she, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake were all in the same group and all went on to incredible fame (or infamy in some cases). It's more than just coincidence...
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    Hi jzlucas,

    If you and I had the constant 24/7/31/360 glare of the spotlight 95% of our lives, they would have captured and publicized things that make any of us look awful. I would hate to be defined by outsiders who know only that kind of image of me. Say what??!! You've got no skeletons??? C'mon now... think back, eh?

    I believe she is still a emotional teenager d/t missing normal formative years. Kind of a delayed adult. She certainly has been making a mess of things but she also has the internal and external wherewithal to stabilize then thrive. Many child stars have had similar crash and burns. I think she'll take the Drew Barrymore path and regroup.

    I certainly don't go kicking people when they are down though... especially people I don't really know or have not yet walked in their shoes.

    Just one man's opinion.

    Peace and gtty,

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    Hi ShoeshineBoy,

    No, I haven't seen the documentary but I knew she, Xtina and Justin were in the same Mousecateer group. I'll keep my eye open for the documentary thanks. The entertainment industry machinery (nice visual) has made and broken many... young, old, black, white, male, female yadda yadda yadda, without discrimination. It'd be a shame for her to go out like John Bulushi or Marilyn or hundreds of similar others.

    Peace and gtty,

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