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Discussion in 'Politics' started by jonbig04, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. I truly believe that the incompetence of our politicians is due, in large part, to the over-simplified way we choose to judge them. Politics is a complex subject and it usually comes down to picking the best choice as, chances are, you disagree with both candidates on certain issues. However I hope we all decided to set our ideals down, along with our assumptions, stereotypes and hear-says. I truly hope that voters today, with a world of knowledge, facts, and statistics available at our fingertips, chose to judge the situation objectively and dispassionately using cold information to keep our bias prone ideals in check. I think if the failures of the Bush administration taught us anything, it's that party labels are pointless. Conservatives may or may not be conservative and liberals may or may not be liberal. With all this information available to us I hope we are able to shrug off these labels and choose to educate ourselves on the issues so that, no matter who is elected, we can hold them accountable. For too long government has gone unchallenged, unchecked, and unaccountable. Using our new found knowledge on the subject, I hope the general comprehension of all major issues is hitting new highs, as far as I'm concerned that can only be in our country's best interest. Sure there are those out there who will vote one direction no matter what. Those who have no new knowledge, who don't value education and are blinded by their ignorant ideals and who only contribute to the exploitablity of the masses, but we can make the difference. I say that through our awareness and education, politicians won't get away with screwing us over for another 4 years no matter who wins tomorrow.

    Either way, I have had fun arguing back and forth on this forum. For all the BS a few of you out there have taught me a lot and made some very good points. I don't think any of you will extend me the same courtesy haha, but that doesn't matter. May the best man win tomorrow, and all of you trades be monsters. Unless you're opposing me on NQ than worst of luck to you. :p
  2. I admire your dream for an informed electorate, Jonbig and good trading to you.
  3. Well......last i checked, democracy was born in the ancient greek senate, the idea of representation by both birthright and popular vote, most importantly, based on consensus politics.

    Which didn't include women or non freed slaves, possibly a majority of the population.
    The women stayed largely at home under similiar duress to modern fundamentalist islamic principles.

    So, you can bemoan the evolution of this seemingly durable process of government, or you can get involved, and have your largely meaningless say.

    Neither are great choices, but then, most of the electorate was illiterate at the time, and believed in all sorts of ghosts, gods and demons....all before the supposed christ came along, Dubya,Palin, and other end of day'ers.

    Cast a vote, for someone who actually beleives, in rapture, ressurection, the deliberate destruction of humankind BY its devotees, and some book not even written by a given celebrated prophet, or, cast a vote for the basic principles of democracy, fairness, and representation?

    Principles, which, predate christianity, despite the evident lack of universal suffrage (everyone having a vote, to the true retards).

    Well, there you have it.
    Good luck with said choices......