It's been a while, how is everyone? I'm almost free!

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by oldschool, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Been a few, hope people are doing well.

    I lost my original login id/pw so I had to re-register. :mad:
    Fitting, since the last time I was here, I was going through a divorce and had to start my personal life over too.

    It's good to see that the dysfunctional ET community is at each other like the good ol' days. :p

    Promoters doing their thing since they can't trade,
    Newbs offering trading advice :eek:
    Multi-screename members who need to admit they been busted,
    and of course the same questions being asked over and over...

    The more things change....:cool::eek:

    Anyway, just wanted to drop by and say what's up to the few that might know me from the glory days...

    "You're going to make a million bucks!"
    The ONE and ONLY, undisputed champion of the wooooorrrld(co)!! Walter B.!
    110 Wall St...circa 1995
  2. welcome back

    old people, new names much like me

    But maybe I should be going now

    such is life

    good luck

    and see you out there, among bids and ask
  3. Funny I used to be pissed at Baron for not engaging in conversations more

    but when you've been reading ET for some time

    a man starts to enjoy silence

    good bye

    and hypo take it easy my friend