It's bear season 12838

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  1. Happy hunting
  2. 12838 has already been broken today
  3. Not a bear market.
  4. gobar


    AAPL, RIMM are down only couple of bucks + goog is up $3..

    which i think is bad sign.. market might make a W pattern today... with GOOG leading us higher...
  5. How is that the leading stocks holding well a bad sign?

    GOOG is unstoppable. They will go to 800 easily next year since we're in a second tech boom. Overseas growth cheap dollar and huge spending will keep the tech sector outperformig for a long long time.
  6. I cant believe some of you people are traders or call yourselves traders. Bear Market??? WHERE? you guys don't know what a bear market is!

    There are so many posts on here that are disgusting, I would be less surprised hearing them from a 12 year old. I dont post a lot on here but I read alot of posts and it's sad. Some of you guys really have no idea what's going on and/or what the hell you're doing.

    But it's ok, like i've said before, it's people like you that are food for the sharks out there. You're necessary, I just wish you people wouldn't post so much damn nonsense all the time.
  7. gobar


    bad sign for bears...:D

    dude FXI is slaughtered today...
  8. yea FXI is down BUT that **** rebounds like a mofo though
  9. This is one weak ass bear. More often than not in the last few days, 30 minutes of selling gets reversed in 5 minutes.
  10. Bear season opened at 12838 Market will close today at 12800 or 12650.

    Of course this is all wild speculation.A long weekend, current trend, trin, vix and oil all seem to be forcasting a major dump in going to occur.
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