It's almost lunch time, time to lift the markets

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  1. At about 11:30 est, set your clock, it's time to lift the market.
  2. Can't have a down market. It's amazing how it always rises right before lunch, it's a great strategy.

    Watch how the commodity markets always selloff the week before a Fed meeting, then rise right after the meeting, another great strategy.
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    by the time bernanke is done speaking the markets will be bright green!!!
  4. Agreed, look at the volume spike up on the sell off down, maybe gentle ben will be kind to the market today?
  5. US Dollar smack down, .20 away from lows set in late 2004.

    Falling US dollar, rising US stock market=par.
  6. Exactly.

    Green before Bernanke speaks. Lift off afterwards!
  7. I don;'t know this has me concerned, a break of that support could cause a panic, Fed may need to talk very tough, look at commodities, copper,crude,soy, they are soaring.

    This is no time to play patty cake with the stock market, it's had a stellar run, they need to focus on the run away commodity prices, and the dollars vulnerability to a break down.

    This is serious, our asian lenders will not sit back and take this, we are leveraged to our eye balls and very vulnerable.
  8. Freaking fake war, dumb greedy politicians.
  9. I sure hope you didn't run out into the street and get hit by a bus because I'm waiting to hear you go off on a tangent about how rigged the markets are and how you lost your welfare money in the markets going long today. :p

    Note: I see you did go off about some stupid theories of yours which are akin to the brain process of a baby shitting his diaper. :D
  10. Down to 17.63 posts from 17.99 a few days ago, glad to see your keeping a little more quite, now run along.
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