ITS ALL KICKING OFF TOMORROW!!! :D :D :cool: :p :cool: :D :D

Discussion in 'Trading' started by spanish89, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Its all kicking off tomorrow!! :D

    *BOE rate coming at lunchtime.

    *Bernanke then gna either totally fuck his currency (probs get fired then though) lol, or gna manange to save it and reverse it back against the dollar for a few days/week, but its just way too overbought, as US had their recession start months ago and europes is now here.

    *Non-farms number, so over a few hundred easy ticks often.

    *And the oil inventories gna be hitting in afternoon.


    With bernanke i gna just wait till he starts talking, and as soon as he starts to talk about the economy slowing down/gets fored into it by a reporter its time to short eur/usd with a tightish stoploss, and then can asily have a few 100ticks for the day!

    Non-farms, that just depends if i can click the buy/sell button quick enough before the market reacts to when the number hits, and then we get a few hundred more depending on the extremity of the number.

    Since we have been hovering at 11,500 for too long now.

    And then oil inventory, because EUR will cause the 1st wave on oils move, we may not get any real reaction from the inventory number since it will have already had its fall/rise.
    (Which is annoying cos i can't get my regualy weekly wednesday 100ticks+ profit) :(

    What everyone else expecting to happen tomorrow though. :)