It's All GREEK To Me....

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  1. All I read about here are "The Greeks"!
    Is there anyone out there who looks at Single Options and Vertical Spreads as Surrogates for Stocks?
    Anyone who analyses the Underlying Stock Chart for its Trend + Support & Resistance Levels, and researches the Company to see if it has good Earnings & Sales?
    Anybody influenced by Ken Trester, who doesn't even use the Greeks and has made a living trading Options since 1973!?
    I failed Statistics 40 years ago, but can make money trading Options.
    Am I all alone? A Dinosaur? Any other Old Timers out there?
  2. rosy2


    yes. for personal investing/saving I use options instead of stocks. seems safer.
  3. stoic


    IMO "The Greeks" are by and large useless. And despite my invitations to the advocates of the Greeks here, no one has shown any real world real time evidence to the contrary.

    You're not all alone. there's lots of us old timers out there, plodding alone making realistic returns.

    Most of the posts here are from the wanna-bees who get some kind of kick out of posting a lot of gobiligoop jargon about IV this, skew that.....and gamma scalp this. They think it makes them sound like experts.

  4. ET is full of those boneheads, they are now into "Dynamically Hedging". This is the latest thread with some of that crap: Short strangles on stocks

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  5. There is nothing wrong using options to trade the underlying. I think it in terms of a delta/direction bias. Options help to reduce volatility of the equity position, or an option strategy can be structured to have a built-in stop-loss or scaling in/out feature.

    I am new to this too. However I just feel that there are more things that you can do with options. Sometimes you can express your view about market movement more naturally with an option or a combination of option contracts than using the underlying.

    Just my 2c.

  6. daveyc


    we all know that only millionaire traders are here on this board. but, seriously, the greeks are critically important to an options trader.
  7. spindr0


    Once upon a time everyone thought that the world was flat and that you'd fall off the edge if you went too far. And some ignorantly believed that the sun revolved around the earth. I bet Galileo and Columbus spouted a lot of gobiligoop jargon about this and that as well...

    There are many ways to scalp a buck. If you have minimal understanding of the Greeks or haven't found a way to utilize them, that in no way invalidates their usefulness to those who have done so. In your opinion, they're useless and for you, that's acceptible.
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    Geez, we've been demoted from billionaire trader status to millionaire traders? What's happening to the neighborhood?
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    At least Galileo offered validation to the Copernicus heliocentric model. Something I have yet to see here.

    Let's see.....mmm.......I want to write a book about option trading....... I could tell people to study the underlying, apply the strategy that is most likely to profit, and fits their risk tolerance, based on their expectations....mmmmm...........OR...I could write about complex formulas and multifaceted calculations based on theoretical models with out of the ordinary names..........that's the ticket....make them think they'll have an edge with my book............that'll sell!!!
  10. Thanks stoic, I feel better now!
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