Its all explaned here in the NY Times. And my solution too

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    Read carefully

    Read where those scum in London were payed over 3 billion in BONUSES over the last few years.

    You see, when you dangle billions in front of scum, they gonna figure out a way to steal it.

    And there's lots of scum out there, and apparently there used to be lots of billions.

    Now, what you really need is this.

    If you get caught cheating and taking hidden risk that imperils the company, not to mention the financial system, in order to make a bonus, you

    1) Give back the bonus + all assets

    2) Are hanged publically , from a very high tree

    I contend that only strict enforcement and the death penalty will prevent this very natural behavior, which is to take the money when it's dangled.

    Punishment must be 10X the reward. Trust me.
  2. Jesus the hypocrisy here is amazing.

    If anyone dangled a few million in front of your face, you know damn well you're going to take it.
  3. Dude, how else do you think I know exactly how to prevent the scumbags from stealing in the first place.

    It's the libs and the commies that have no clue what human nature is about, cause they aint human

    No hypocrisy at all einstein.