Its all about you, not the strategy.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ChkitOut, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Over the years I've looked at different trading systems and
    strategies, philosophies, etc..

    You have successful tend traders, mean reversion, scalpers, swing, etc..

    Everybody is using the same crap to trade.

    So much overlap between different strategies. Many many similarities between systems. There really is
    only so much you can do!

    I'm convinced successful trading is 90% trader, 10% strategy.
  2. yep. as many variations, styles, strategies, as there are traders. not to mention the new era of bots being developed that will crush many of the old reliable patterns. pick something of interest and comfort and become an expert and don't get lost in the maze.
  3. I would agree if the strategy is profitable in the first place. After that, if you put 100 traders, 10 will make it work, and 90 will pay for the 10 profitable traders. This is due to: emotions+money management.
  4. Sorry, but you have no clue what you are saying. Without a strategy that works, nothing else matters. 90% cant even find a strategy that works. Executing it consistently is a whole other problem.
  5. Tums



    ... and you can be the trader you want by simply following proven methodologies..
  6. This is probably the biggest concept traders overlook, especially new traders. The market can only go up or down and you can either buy, sell, or do nothing at any given time. It's the "why" behind "what" you do that makes the difference. How can a trader tell the difference between a good trigger and a bad one that is essentially the same? It basically comes down to intuition, experience, and discretion.

    Good post.