its all about pure math

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  1. welcome traders to my thread.

    i just want to change ideas about my method in trades and your trade. lets talk about math only.
    i will post my daily chart here.
  2. What math do you use for your trading ?

    I always was bad in math in school.

    I only can calculate % and build and chart statistics !!!
    Fortunately thats all i need for my trading !!!

    I do not need to calculate roots or fibonacci numbers.
    thanx god.

    regards:) :) :)
  3. TILT2


    funny guy you are. But you reply also sounds sarcastic.
  4. It could be interesting. It is very rare to see any serious math discussions here. So far I see bunch of squiggly lines on the chart and no math. Could you please explain the math premise?

  5. I see a bunch of words. Where's the math?

  6. ronblack


    Where's is the meat?

    I know, promises, pormises of math but I never see any.

    P.S. This guy does some basic math. Not a lot but he does some and uses it to explain some things, not all.
  7. I didn't see any math. Am I missing something?
  8. Bob111


    same here..and can't see why it's sarcastic..some people tend to over complicate things..but..hey.. whatever works for them..
  9. Bob111


    i think it's comes down to his skype name on pic. imo-just another variation of spam..
  10. Yep, it wasnt sarcastic.

    It was the truth, from the bottom of my hearth.:)

    The only more advanced mathematics i use and truly love,
    is the beautiful subject of stochastics (i do not mean the indicator).

    For me its all about stochastics and how to interpret the statistics of the different odds and probabilites.
    I love that stuff. Its so cool.

    I think i could call myself a statistican.
    1. a statistican
    2. a trader


    Wish all a good day and week.
    :p :p :p
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