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  1. CF target to 88 today from 65.
    TRA,POT,MOS,AGU all raised as well. i like CF the best though.although today is an expiration day i like em.
  2. A graph of the "ET Fertilizer" chart would show a strong bull market for years. (and I do all I can to help!) :p
  3. i love the fertilizer stocks,at least today. made some nice daytrades on MOS and CF.
  4. plugger


    If you like fertilizer, some of that money may trickle down to some smaller plays. These are Cdn if you're interested:

    FOS (TSX Venture) - Phoscan Chemical
    BLR (TSX Venture) - Baltic Resources
    ALM (TSX Venture) - Anglo Minerals

    Threse three are potash plays.

    Not 'plugging' anything here. Given how well agriculture is doing, as I said, some money may trickle down. Be careful, these are micro cap stocks.
  5. Bootsie


    Here's another


    Low debt, good income, great sector and .... it's China !!


  6. plugger


    Nice move on that today. On the watchlist.

    Here's another fertilizer play based in China. Can't understand why it hasn't moved yet. If you look at MGO and HF on the TSX, they've had spectacular moves (fertilizer producers in China).

    SVU - Spur Ventures (TSX Venture)

    Again, not plugging.