It's all about being disciplined and organized

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  1. Hi,

    When I decided to trade for a living, I attended several seminars and read many books. I eventually developed a good strategy to enter and exit trades but I was not disciplined enough to follow my plan and lacked the organization to learn from my mistakes.

    Being a software developer, I wrote an application to help me follow a more disciplined and organized approach. I am now making this software available to other traders:

    Please feel free to send me your comments.

    Yves Mailhot
  2. Most traders don't need your BS. What they need is a profitable strategy. Not on your program? Then it's of no use to the majority of losing "traders". The winners, I doubt need your crap, either.
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    Waste of time. There are plenty of free tools to help you organize things. No offense
  4. I have been trading successfully long enough to know that finding a successful strategy is the easy part. The discipline is the hard part and my software really does help with this challenging aspect of trading.

    Before you make a judgement on something, at least look at it.
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    I keep my things in a can to stay organized!
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    It looks interesting, obviously there's a lot of development behind it, but it is way too expensive for what it offers. There seem to be nothing that somebody can't do using his Excel, Word, or journaling software.
  7. Okay, I'll be the FIRST to take my words back and promise to look at your program if you give us ONE profitable strategy wich shows any long term merit besides dumb luck or buy and hold.
    Tell me oh master a very good profitable strategy since you're no longer in the trading business (you're now in the software business).

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    If you're such a successful trader then why market an organizing tool and why here. This is not a place of advertisement. Try SFO magazine or something.
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    Exactly my point :)
  10. You are right, and I will advertize in magazines. Unfortunately advertizing does not work all that well on the Internet. Most people don't even notice it anymore.

    What I need at this point is to get some feedback from other traders who already have a trading plan with a detailed strategy and money management rules. I think forums are good for that.
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