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    It's about time that the owner and/or moderators institute a restriction on newbies from posting new and repeated threads and posts on this board. This does not help with your traffic as it just ends up getting deleted. It makes the job of the (non-paid, volunteer) moderators that much harder and will only chase away the same people you would hope to maintain order and decorum on this site. Advertisers won't pay for space on some pissy, little site when they can spend wiser some place else. The recent rash of Cybil sock-puppets spouting the same mantra should be evidence that this is getting out of hand and needs to be addressed. While this is your site, Baron, you did name it Elite for a reason, but of late, the noise from the site is more akin to crap. Reading thru the threads going back a bit, there have definitely been some great contributing members who have basically just said f*ck it and left, which is a shame because they could add some great benefit to those who would seek their advice (take lescor's recent trading thread from Jan 2010). Putting the proper restrictions in place are not that difficult for the software you use for the site and would greatly improve the noise and if that improved, might bring in some more of those advertisers to fill the vacant 13 different thread categories that currently do not have any sponsors.
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    Baron ET Founder

    As of today, new restrictions have been put in place. Thanks for the feedback.
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    I hope this makes a little difference.

    What exactly are the limitations? Can't start new threads? Can't post multiple posts within a certain time frame? Will this stop the pennystock spammer(s) that pollute multiple, already existing threads?

    Thx Baron for trying to stop the madness (as it were).
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    Baron might not want to get into the details for security reasons, but I think we'll see a fair bit of improvement. The proof is in the pudding however, so keep your eyes open.
  5. At what price Chief? You banned my I phone, now I have to cancel my plans for "The Adventures of Rennick" thread. Keep the rules and censorship down to a bare minimum. We, the ETers will take care of the knuckleheads.

    Rennick out:cool:
  6. So far so good



  7. Yeah, you might be a Rennick if .....

    you're on the job at ET and surpass Al Qaeda easily in innocent American kills (since 2005)
  8. Hehe. I dont think people leave this board because of some trollish messages. They probably left for one of the following reasons:

    - They found a real job.

    - They finally figured out that this was a useless waste of time which could be better spent with family, friends, jogging around the block, finding a job or playing a networked video game.

    - They died.

    - They got pissed because they were basically posting for free for the benefit of the site administrators (who get paid from advertising) and strangers they never met. Meanwhile, whatever trading strategy they thought up is diluted and twisted from the time spent here.
  9. ya those spilling their guts about their immensely profitable sys and methods are all gone now because they hate newbs

    give me a break :D

  10. easier/better to look at the inverse, i.e. "why they/we stay & never leave ET"

    this here is the longer version with broader perspective
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