It's a recovery only if you're rich

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Is this a recovery for the middle class?

  1. Yes. This recovery has lifted all boats

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  2. Not by a long shot. The middle class is in danger of disappearing.

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  3. I don't know.

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  4. I don't care.

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  1. nitro


  2. -Mass immigration of laborers kills the working class wages.
    -Offshoring of semi-professional and lower end professional jobs kills middle class salaries.
    -The wealthy have their legal claims and economic rents enforced by global military dominance and the full power of US government.

    Welcome to the global economy.

    Get wealthy or get F'ed.
  3. nitro


    The biggest crime in America is, you don't make enough. Then, you are not educated enough, you are not good looking enough, you are not young enough, you are not tall enough, your teeth aren't white enough...

    Rome 2011
  4. We just had the biggest market rally of a century.

    If you wanted to become richer without working for it there was your chance.

    Besides that, just by working, very rarely people have became rich.

    So why expect it to be different?

    Just because history provided the US with a 20 year timeframe after WWII where it ruled the world and the sky was the limit doesnt mean that should be the rule.
  5. nitro


    So let's say I had $100,000, and I invested it in the stock market diversified in some way. Say they all won and doubled in price from where I bought them. So I turned $100,000 into $200,000. So now I am rich? :confused: I would venture to say that net net, less than 10% of America has $100,000 liquid. In fact, those that already have jobs and 401ks have doubled from the bottom, but are probably still underwater from the peak of 2008.

    As to getting rich by working, if that were true, all of America would be rich long ago.

    I must not understand what you mean because it makes no sense.
  6. olias


    I need to get more educated on the issue of corporate taxes, but right now my thought is that there definitely is a problem there. But necessarily that they are just too high. I think the way it's structured is that they are too high for smaller corporations, and effectively too low for the huge corporations that get around the taxes.
  7. No more like Earth, beginning - end. Life isn't fair, but it only gets worse when we try enforcing "fairness" in everything.

    It might help if you do something besides whine.
  8. nitro


    I wonder what the founders would have written to add to these words if they had to amend it if they were alive today.
  9. the biggest crime in America is, you don't make enough.

    NITRO...complete bullshit. There is nothing in the American "idea" that said you will "Make enough". What is enough?
    A large majority of the middle class were doing fine until they decided they did not make enough to buy the more expensive cars, cloths, houses, etc. So, they decided to sit at the blackjack table and play their cards. They got smoked. Casino hit 21, middle class bust. They took out massive amounts of credit and now its due.

    I am not saying the Banks and Insiders at Wallstreet are not to blame either. But everyone, yes everyone saw the party starting to end. They saw the lights of the cop cars rushing up the street only to ignore the fact. The only X factor, nobody thought it would end as bad as it did. It wasn't a cop car coming up the road, it was a full on SWAT Team to bust the party.

    I was not making enough trading at Schonfeld. I then went to Last Atlantas, still was not making what I wanted. I decided to do something else and now, far more successful than I ever thought. I took a lot of risk in life and it's paid off.

    So, there were times when I wasn't making enough. I didn't cry, I didn't complain to much and I sure in hell didn't take out massive debt.

    There are Three types of people in this country. The average who take on a Job as W2, who work hard but are limited to their earnings. They settle, they feel comfortable, they are safe, and they live their lives,yet complain about the rich, the wealthy and say it isn't fair.

    Then there are the risk takers. Those who take risk and fail. And fail again only to fail again. But they continue to to push on until they are successful. Once success hits, they strive even harder and become wiser as they build their wealth.

    The final group...the Privileged. They are born in to the money. So be it.

    The idea that people do not make a slippery slope to Socialism. Let the markets set the wages. What you have now is Socialism in America for the average worker. Companies think that you need them to be employed. Companies have become egotistical, thoughtless, and Greedy ...sucking the average worker like the "battery" only to be used up and thrown out when the "Company " see's fit. Just like the MATRIX. They pay everyone a low wage, bringing everyone down to the lowest common denominator. The US GOV backs such philosophy and encourages low wages and Freeloaders.

    People have a choice. It' is not an easy one but there are choices. People tend to choose "Safety" over risk.
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